Those Three Words

When Chloe and her family moved to London her whole life changed. That meant new friends, new school, and a new life. But what will happen when Chloe runs into Zayn Malik (from 1D) at Starbucks. What will happen to Chloe? Will she fan girl over him? Or will she just stay quiet? She knew that her life would change by meeting a celebrity but she never thought she would say those three words to him.

*If you do not like One Direction don't read this*


5. It's HIM

Chloe's POV: Recap: I look up and see the last person I expected to see. ZAYN MALIK was standing in front of me. Control yourself Chloe, breathe in and out. I took a couple breaths before I spoke out. "Sorry, I'll buy you another coffee" . 

I get out wallet and start getting money out. His hand reached out and stopped me.

"No, it's okay it was my fault anyways I should've seen where I was going, what's our name?" I put my wallet back in my pocket. " it's Chloe" I reply looking at his light brown eyes. "Ok, I'm zay-". I cut him off before he even finishes. " yeah, I know you're Zayn malik from One Direction". " I'm guessing you're a fan" he says with a smile forming on his lips. "Ding ding ding, I am a fan but I am no one of those people that would invade your privacy" ." Thanks, I appreciate that" . "You are very welcome". I bow down like he is a king. A chuckle escaped his lips. " I'm sorry I can be really wierd sometimes". I give him a nervous laugh. itsokay I like wierd people" he replied.

      Zayn's POV: "Oh, well I have to go I guess I'll see you around". I get out a piece of paper and write my number on it. I know it's wierd to give your number to random people but I trusted her even though I just met her. She sticks out her hand for me to shake. I take her hand but instead of shaking it i pull her in for a hug. She lets out a chuckle. "Sorry". I pull away. "It's okay I should've known you don't do hugs". "Well I have to go see you around". 


          "Yeah I will bye" I watched as she walked out the door and onto the streets. She looked beautiful. Wait what am I saying.


           Chloe's POV:

      I cannot believe I just met the zayn malik. This is a dream come true, and I got his number yayayayaya. I walked through the streets to the hotel. About 20 minutes later I got there. I walked though the lobby and to my room in the third floor. 

       As soon as I got in I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. After I went to sleep.

    That night I dreamt of zayn, zayn, and more zayn.


Authors note:

I'm so sorry for not uploading I had school. Im sorry that its short but the next one will be bigger.






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