Those Three Words

When Chloe and her family moved to London her whole life changed. That meant new friends, new school, and a new life. But what will happen when Chloe runs into Zayn Malik (from 1D) at Starbucks. What will happen to Chloe? Will she fan girl over him? Or will she just stay quiet? She knew that her life would change by meeting a celebrity but she never thought she would say those three words to him.

*If you do not like One Direction don't read this*


2. Airport Drama

Chloe POV:
So I ended packing for the airport. My mom had told me it was for a damn job over there in London. I didn't give a shit anymore. I didn't care if I made new friends or where I moved. I just wanted to get away from my mom. We were leaving tomorrow in the morning, so I had to finish packing today. It was 12:00 p.m and I have been packing since 8:00a.m. I'm not gonna pack my stuff in less than an hour. I mean come on let's be real, I don't move like the speed of light.
"Chloe breakfast is ready" my mom called from downstairs. Chloe lunch is ready I mocked her under my breath as I made my way towards the kitchen. I walk in and I see that my mom is trying to make the perfect breakfast. Like that is going to make me forgive her. She had pancakes, sausages, eggs, toast, orange juice, milk, and syrup.
"You know that making me a huge breakfast is not gonna make me forgive you for lieng to me" I tell my mom. I grab a plate from the cabinet and serve myself pancakes. "I didn't lie to you". I serve myself some milk as I eat my pancakes. "Fine what do you wanna call it? Betrayal because that's what it seems to me" I tell her. I get up from my seat and head towards my room. "Aren't you gonna eat" I hear my mom say. "I'm not hungry any more". I head towards my room. I slam the door shut and climbed onto my bed.
I spent the rest of my day in my bed using my computer or checking twitter. I know I had to face her eventually but not today. Probally tomorrow or something like that. *Next Morning* Chloe's POV
I get up from my bed and head towards the restroom. I take a quick shower and put my clothes on. When I get out it is 10:00 p.m. We are suppose to leave to he airport in an hour. I go to the kitchen and serve myself a bowl of cereal. When I finish I put my bowl in the sink and go to my room. I bring all my luggage downstairs and sit down on the couch to watch t.v. My comes downstairs 5 minutes before we leave. We get out but before I do I look back into the house that I have lived in all my life. The memories come rushing to me.
I remember when I turned 9 my dad had bought me an iPod. I missed my dad so much. He died when I was 10. After that my mom got into depression and I had to stay strong for her. I never had someone to comfort me. Whenever people would ask where my dad was I always got tears in my eyes. It wasn't the best feeling, but I stayed strong. I turn around and close the door behind me. I get tears in my eyes. I say goodbye to the house that had all of the memories of me and my dad.
I get in the car. I face the window, I can't face my mom right now. When we got to the airport it was 12:00. We went through the security stuff and all that. I was about to grab my luggage and head towards the plane but I felt someone push me. "Watch where you're going" I mutter. "Sorry you bitch" . I turn around and find a girl smirking. "What I'd you say" I say. I step closer clenching my fists. "You heard me" she tells me. "Oh sorry I didn't understand a word you said , here let me help you" I tell her. I charge against her. My fist making contact with her face.
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