Those Three Words

When Chloe and her family moved to London her whole life changed. That meant new friends, new school, and a new life. But what will happen when Chloe runs into Zayn Malik (from 1D) at Starbucks. What will happen to Chloe? Will she fan girl over him? Or will she just stay quiet? She knew that her life would change by meeting a celebrity but she never thought she would say those three words to him.

*If you do not like One Direction don't read this*


1. Moving To London

Chloe's POV:
"Chloe come downstairs" my mom screamed as I was in my room playing One Direction's new song over again on my piano. "Coming" I yell as I jump out on my bed and run downstairs. Which I failed to do because I fell. "What" i ask as I get up and shake off the dust on my jeans. "We need to talk" I make my way towards the kitchen and get an apple an start eating it. " what now mom" I ask my mom who is still standing in the living room staring at the wall not moving at all. Like seriously she's not moving at all. Nothing. Nada. I think she's pretending to be the Statue of Liberty or something. " hello earth to my mom" I say as I swing my hand in front of her face. "Oh sorry" I make my way back to the kitchen and wash my hands. "Ok so you were saying" I tell my mom laying my face in my palm while I lay my elbows in the kitchen table. "Oh yeah we need to talk"
"Yeah you already said that" I raise my eyebrows at my mom. She is sitting across from me. She has her hand into fists and she has a worried look in her face. "Mom what is it? You're scaring me" i tell her but you could barely understand what I had said because my voice cracked. "We're moving". She looks up from her hands and looks at me. "What do you mean by moving? Moving countries? Moving houses? Moving neighborhood? Moving state? Moving what?" I move closer to my mom as she just stares at her fists. "We're moving countries" I let out a small yelp. Well it wasn't like a scream or anything like that its a sound you make when you are shocked. I make my way towards the living room. I sit down the couch and just stare straight forward. "Moving where" I ask my mom as tears are forming in my eyes. I actually don't know why but I've been living in New York all my life. " we're moving to London".
"Seriously" I ask her. I jump off the couch and head towards the other side of the living room. She just nods. "Oh my god, why didn't you tell me before?" I sit on the couch across from her. " I didn't know what to say". Oh my god did I just hear her say that. " Is that your answer for everything" I ask her. I get up from from the couch and make my way towards the stairs. "Don't walk away from me"."I just did". I go up the stairs up to my room and slam the door shut.
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