K is for Kit

How would you feel if your mother had no one else to talk to but you?
How would you feel if a bad-tempered coach physically forced you into a netball team you never dreamed of joining?
How would you feel if a giant gum tree fell through your roof?
How would you feel if your name went suddenly from Humphrey to Dwhite when your mum’s new boyfriend elected himself step-dad?
How would you feel if your best friend wanted something, couldn’t have it and began to blame you?
How would you feel if you suddenly realised you wanted exactly what your best friend almost kept, but didn’t have anymore?
And how would you feel if Brooke Bradley just came along and changed your perspective on everything?
That pretty much covers it.
Welcome to my life.


6. Chapter 6


I watched Jennifer bicker towards me, her eyes like shattered glass behind the flamingo swelling of her eyelids as she cried. She was sort of choking as she stumbled closer tearing a mustard-brown netball bib over her pony-tail. She stood angrily beside me, throwing the bib into the garden.
“Is every...”
“Well I guess that’s it isn’t it?” She stared away from me. “You don’t have to be on that stupid netball team with that short-tempered sausage anymore!”
“What? Really! Why?”
Jennifer crumbled into a mound on the bench, bending forward with her arms weaved between her ankles. She slowly straightened, sniffing with a red face.
“Mrs. Hammers kicked me off the team.”
I gasped.
“Can she do that?”
“You were right! She only wants to bring girls into the team so she can crush them back down into what they began as! Aaaargh, I hate her!” She groaned. I held her by the shoulder. Her shirt was all tacky with sweat.
“You can try out for a local team Jen.”
“I don’t want to be on some stupid local team! I was looking forward to the carnivals and the new courts...”
“Just tell me why she would all so suddenly kick you out.”
Jennifer stiffened. I felt it before she threw my arm off her shoulder.
Mrs. Hammers was standing right in our faces, shadowing us from the sun.
“I want you right now to get my bib back and give it to me. Jennifer?”
“Why can’t you get it yourself!” Jennifer spat angrily pointing to the garden, overwrought and practically fuming hot steam from her face. “You can’t just kick someone off the team! Who’s gonna take my place?”
“I’m not discussing this Jennifer. You go get that bib right now!”
Jennifer stood for a moment, glaring savagely with cheeks that were more poppy in the sunshine, looking like rust from an angle. She was scarred. Finally she bent over and yanked off the laces of her sneakers thrusting the shoe off too and into the garden. She did the same with her left shoe and then looked up at Mrs. Hammers who stood pale-faced and blemished like usual. Her thick thighs spread apart the same width between her shoulders.
“The bib, Jennifer?” She held one hand out.
“I’ll be telling my mother!” Jennifer’s intense sweat melted from her forehead. Telling Mrs. Hammers she was going to dob her into her mother wasn’t the smartest way of handling the situation. But she stormed off all the same, leaving Mrs. Hammers staring straight for me.
“Next training on Monday Kitarna. Be there or I’ll hunt you down. It’s bad enough you missed this one.”
Now I know I said I wasn’t going to sit and do nothing anymore but what just happened then changed everything for me. Jennifer would want me to quit as well. She knew that was what I wanted. Now that she was off the team, there was of course no reason for me to stay.


Lunch approached and so I did to Jennifer. She sat her back against a tree in the shade.
I sat next to her, sorry that she felt so bad.
“Its crap you know. The shit she tells us every training, I’m lucky to be out of there.”
“You’re crushed and I know it.”
“I don’t give!” She avoided my eyes. “I guess now you can quite now, can’t you? It’s all you’ve always wanted, aye? Of course you were only doing this for me.”
“Jennifer, why did she kick you off the team?”
“I asked her if I could play centre for once, but she put me in WD. Two minutes of that I deliberately pissed her off...”
“Jen! You don’t swear!”
“Shut it. You’re not my mum, I can say what I please whenever I like!”
“So she kicked you off the team because you played badly?”
“No!” Jennifer hissed throwing her head back against the tree. “Urgh, no! She threw me off coz I back chatted and deliberately played like...”
“Don’t; I get it!”
Jennifer shut her eyes and screwed her nose “Feel free to quit anytime. She can’t keep my Kitty locked up can she?”
I smiled at ‘Kitty’. Jennifer sensed it and chuckled. “Sorry – sorry!”
I just laughed and nodded.


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