Romeo, Cinderella and Juliet

This a really sub-realistic fan fiction about a young guy who misteriosly dissapears in a "Mikupa" at Sapporo, Japan without leaving anything else than a green colored light bar. A misyerios giga-computer is the only clue the police has to found this young guy....
Where is he?


1. Where Am I?

-Where am I?

-What is this place?

-What the hell am I doing here?

-How did I get here?

Questions that I can't stop asking myself now....but, hours before, I wasn't asking this to myself, I wasn't planning to do it either.....Hours before I was at a concert at Sapporo, Japan, but it wasn't a common concert, no, it was a Vocaloid concert!! "Mikupa" was its "name" if I correctly remenber...I was very excited, I had the oportunity to go backstage and learn how do they do this type of concerts and what they need, etc, etc....When I was getting out of the place I saw this Miku Append image in a computer, I just decided to click it and that is what I remenber before getting on here....My very last memory is the moment when I just clicked the image. I'm not into other dimensions or that type of stuff...but according to what I have read and the sequence of the events that I have in my memory this could be another dimension, or I'm having a nightmare...if this is real I'm probably inside the computer, maybe an strange interdimensional event ocurred when I stupidly clicked that image with any reason...maybe touching part of the computer influenced in the rare event and it got me inside it.I'm starting to think that it was wrong to click that image....

????-Are you OK?


*I rub incredulosly my eyes and realize Miku was really standing in front of me*

????-Yes! Now, could you answer mi question?

Me-Oh, umm..yes. I'm OK, thanks. How did I get here?

Miku-I don't really know....I just saw you here lying in the floor and I decided to come and see if you were OK

Me-I see...Thanks. Know....I AM A GREAT FAN!!!!!! Wait, are you touchable?

Miku-Aww, thank you. Yes, I'm touchable...I think

Me-Can I have a hug?


*I hug Miku*

Miku-Would you mind coming with me?

Me-No! I'll go with you

*In my mind*

Wherever you want!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Will you marry me? Wait I'm not talking with her...Am I always this stupid? Ajjj whatever....

*Out of my mind*

Miku-Great! I want you to meet Luka, Rin, and Len!

¨*Miku's Mind*

Just an excuse to spend  more time with you...

*Out of Miku's mind*

Me: Are you serious?

Miku-Sure, why not? I want you to meet my friends!

Me-This is just getting better!

*While we were walking*

Me-Wow, I can't believe this! This is Meeting you, this great world...Oh! Umm...Where are we?

Miku- Well, now you ask...this place hasn't name really, but we are inside a computer.

How many time have you been here since you were installed?

Me-I don't really kn...INSTALLED?!?!?!? I AM A HUMAN!!!!! I CAN'T BE INSTALLED!!!!

Miku-Calm down! Don't scream! 

Me-Yes sorry...I'm a little scared..

Miku-Well...How are you here then?

Me-*Gasp* I don't know......

Miku-Maybe Rin and Len know something

Me-I really hope...

Miku-Take my hand


Miku-Take my hand! You said you were scared, maybe this can help you

Me-Oh..Yes, sure. Thank you

*In my mind* 

YES!!!!!! I'm holding her hand!!

*Miku's mind*

I can't believe it! He's holding my hand


-Author's Note*

Are you enjoying it? Suggestions?Let me know in the comments! If you liked the movella favorite it! Spanish version available soon! 

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