Romeo, Cinderella and Juliet

This a really sub-realistic fan fiction about a young guy who misteriosly dissapears in a "Mikupa" at Sapporo, Japan without leaving anything else than a green colored light bar. A misyerios giga-computer is the only clue the police has to found this young guy....
Where is he?


3. WHAT?!??!?


I begin to feel something happening inside me .... something happens in my head, something changes ...  

Me-"私 は 変 な 感じ (Translation: I feel weird)"  

Miku-"Ah? Didn't  you said you didn't speak Japanese?  

Me-"Yes, because I don't"   

Miku-"Are you sure? I just heard you spoke in Japanese "

Me-"Not true, said I felt weird"  

Miku-"In Japanese!"  

Me-"I'm telling you I did in Spa .."  

???? - "I heard it in Japanese"  

Me-" Luka?"  

??? - "And Rin too!"  

???-"Thank you for remembering me..."  

Rin-" Sorry Len..."

-My POV-   My idols .... standing in front of me, all earger to meet me . Dream? I don't think so, this is true ... but, how the hell did I get here? Do they know something? Well for now that is my least concern .... The thing which changes is bigger every time .... I feel that my body does too I feel I'm beginning to understand the Japanese ... do not know ... probably a stupidity ... but something inside me is transformed ...  

Luka-"Are you new? Thought it would come much later. Apparently  the Master's method worked"  

Me-"New? Method? Master?"  

Luka-"Yes! Touched the computer, right?"  

Me-"Yes, I did"  

Luka-"Welcome to the Vocaloid family!"  

Me-"What do you mean?"  

Luka-"You see, the master made ​​that the one that touches the  computer get installed on it and begin to turn into a Vocaloid, now they are beginning to render your conversion, you have to start feeling some changes ..."  

Me-"Yes, I feel them"  

Luka-"Then, when you finish conversion they'll start to edit your voice and come out to the market when it is ready"  

Me-Wow, I will be a Voc ... Wait, WHAT?!?!?!??!?  

Rin-Don't scream, you could end with tone problems

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