Romeo, Cinderella and Juliet

This a really sub-realistic fan fiction about a young guy who misteriosly dissapears in a "Mikupa" at Sapporo, Japan without leaving anything else than a green colored light bar. A misyerios giga-computer is the only clue the police has to found this young guy....
Where is he?


4. "Love Is War"


Rin's answer to my two desperate questions buthered me a lot, but I have no courage  to answer her badly, besides now they are also my "family" I don't want  enmity with Rin  

*I sarcastically laugh *  

-Rin's POV-  

"Did he? Did my joke made ​​him laugh? Maybe not ... But if I want to flirt with him I  should think of something more than a stupid tone joke.  I wonder if Miku is also interested in him, or rather be Is he interested in me? I don't think so.... that way he looks at Miku ... in love ... then, as the song says "Love Is War" the best lover wins. My first attack, I'll defame Miku in front of the new one, at least I'll will win the first battle with this. "  

* Dialogue *  

Rin-"Hey, you know that Miku  likes to hit Len?"  

Len-"That's n ..."  

*Rin quickly interrupts Len *  

Rin-"YES! I know that hurted you bro ....

Len-"But that's n.."  

* Once again Rin interrupts Len *

 Rin-"Keep calm, that is past"

Me-"But she can not do that to Len!"  

Rin-"Are you sure you know Miku?  


* Rin interrupts me *  

Rin-"See? Told you, you don't know her properly"   

Me-"But I said: ...."  

* Rin interrupts me again *  

Rin-"No, do not go into denial"  

Me-* sigh *  

Rin-"Besides, Miku is a lesbian"  

Luka-"Rin, stop lying"  


Luka-"Calm, Miku is available and not a lesbian"  

-Rin's POV-

  Rin: 0 Miku: 1  

* Dialogue *   

Me-*Laugh * "Thanks Luka "  

 Luka- "You're welcome, Rin does this because she  is probably  interested in you"


-Rin's POV -  

Rin: 0 Miku: 2  

"Miku, you win the first battle *

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