Romeo, Cinderella and Juliet

This a really sub-realistic fan fiction about a young guy who misteriosly dissapears in a "Mikupa" at Sapporo, Japan without leaving anything else than a green colored light bar. A misyerios giga-computer is the only clue the police has to found this young guy....
Where is he?


2. -Author's Note-

I OK with your invitations to read movellas, but plesase if you're going to invite me to read one please NOT from One Direction....You write things like "Please, you'll make me happy" that makes mee feel bad and I go to read it...The two people who invited me to read, your books are great and you make good stories, but I don't really like One Direction, I mean is a great band, but is not my type, Ok? Directioners, I want to hurt you, ok? I'm not saying bad things of any of the guys who that band, so don't be bad with me.

Changing topic, instead of using "Somone's Mind" I'll use Someone's POV 

Spanish version now available!

Have a nice day/nigh/evening/morning/dawn or any time else

Chapter two available soon in both (English and Spanish) versions

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