Saved by you

This story is about a 16 year old girl who gets raped by people almost everyday. Her dad abuses her. Jessica tried to escape about 6 times and got punishes 6 times. Read more to find out if she escapes. SEXUALITY CONTENT!! 13+


3. Stupid school

I didnt go to sleep last night from what my dad did. My lower region felt so soar. I got dressed. I put on ripped black jeans an a red tank top. I put on my red covers. I put my hair up in a messy bun and did my makeup. I walked down the steps and my dad was raping anothing girl. He told me if i ever told anyone then he would kill me. So i havnt told anyone. Not even my bff Katie. I got to school and went to my locker. I saw Lexi one of the plastics making out with her bf Louis Tomlinson. Then i was walking to the bathroom and saw harry and the most popular girl in school having sex. I walked out but before i could do anything harry ran up to the door and shut and locked the door. He grabbed me and kissed me and the girl was taking my clothes off. Then harry tied my hands together. I cried again. Harry smacked me. Then i was sitting on the girls face and my face was in the girls pussy and her face was in mine. Harry told me to lick it. I did as told. I moaned as lexi licked mine. And she moaned to. Then out of no where harrys dick suddenly came into my ass. And was fucking me really hard!! Harry was making me bleed. I was late to 1st block so im screwed and my dad is going to kill me. The girl and harry left and left me on the ground naked. I cried. Then i got my clothes on and went to 1st block. " why are you late??" Mrs. Hoppers asked. " i ummm had a doctors appointment" i said nervously. " k get in ur seat" she demanded. I did as she told. Then1st block was over. Katie was sick today and left me alone:( which sucks now. Then i went to lunch ad sat by myself. Guys would always sit by my and touch me places. Then my stupif friend katie showed up. I was glad. "Where have you been" i asked. "Slept in" she said as she sat down next to me at lunch. We ate quitely until a 12th grader came by us and sat by katie. KATIES POV:
I was eating my chicken when this guy came and sat next to me. I thought he was hot. Jessica and i starred at eachother until i felt a hand go into my pants. He was rubbing my clit and saw that i was wet. " go to the bathroom" he whispered in my ear. " umm jessica i have to use the resturoom" i said and left and so did the dude. I walked into the bathroom and he pushed me up against the wall. He kissed me and added his tongue. He ripped my clothes off. And was playing with my clit. Then he entered me and i bled. " OH FUCK KATIE UR FUCKIN TIGHT" he screamed. I just kept on moaning. " im about to cum" i whispered. "DO IT NOW" he screamed. And we both climaxed at the same time. Then we heard the bell. We put out clothes on and went to class. He was walking away from me and i screamed " HEY WATS UR NAME??". "HARRY" he screamed back. JESSICAS POV:
I was walking back home and i unlocked the door. My dad was naked and attacked me. He entered me without saying a word. He was fucking me for about 45 mins. I felt like inwas about to die. I was numb and i kept moaning. When he was still in me he was saying " Do you like me Jess??" And if i didnt answer he would go faster. All i did was moan. And i was bleeding like crAzy. He went of of me and said " for now on who ever enters this house has to be naked" he yelled. And i cried. My dad invited his 3 friends over. And around 9:00 Pm they all got drunk. I was crying in the corner still naked. My dad and his friends grabbed me and pushed me on my dads bed. They chloriformed me. Everything went black until i woke and they had a vibrator.
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