Saved by you

This story is about a 16 year old girl who gets raped by people almost everyday. Her dad abuses her. Jessica tried to escape about 6 times and got punishes 6 times. Read more to find out if she escapes. SEXUALITY CONTENT!! 13+


4. Sick people

I turned my head and saw that it was 4 am and they were doing this or along time. Then they left me. They carried me into the car and took me into the woods and their were 2 rooms. A room for me and a room for them and their was a pole in one room. They grabbed me and hooked me up to te pole. Their was a total of about 50 guys here. I openend my eyes and i was in a little movie theature room. My dad was talking and a dude raised his hand and said "i want you to lap dance on me" and before the dude came over to me my dad said " u dont do what they say were gonna hand you". And i was lap dancing on that dude. I started to feel him get hard so i stopped. Then he went away and another dude came. " im gonna vibrate ur pussy" he said. " how long" i asked. " until i say so" i got down and the dude put a vibrator on my pussy. Then i saw who it was!! IT WAS HARRY!! The dude who fuckin raped me at school. And his friends r here too. I couldnt control my moaning anymore and kept moaning. Then it was about 45 mins. And he was still doing it. I kwpt moaning and moaning. Then i had this feeling inside of me where i like it when i do this. Then harry left and a dude with black hair came. He was going k shove his cock up my dick. And so he did. He did it for about 20 mins. SORRY IT WAS SHORT!!
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