Saved by you

This story is about a 16 year old girl who gets raped by people almost everyday. Her dad abuses her. Jessica tried to escape about 6 times and got punishes 6 times. Read more to find out if she escapes. SEXUALITY CONTENT!! 13+


2. In Hell

I woke up around 2:00 am to my dad banging on my door. "OPEN THE FUCKIN DOOR UP JESS!" He demanded. I could tell that he was drunk. The way he spoke. I put my thing on to where you cant see my eyes and i layes down still pretending i was asleep. Then i heard my door open. My heart was beating like 100 times a second. " you've been a bad girl jess!" He said while doing the shame thing. I could tell because i heard his other finger sliding on his other finger. I was still pretending to sleep. Then i felt my covers off my bed. And hands exploring my body. I pushed his hand off me. I took off the things off my eyes and threw it. My dad ripped my pajama dress and i was left in my bra and underwear. He started to take off my bra but then i smacked him and made him have a red mark on his right cheek. " your going to regret doing that" he said. I got worried. I started to cry and pray. " Shut the fuck up you pussy!!" He yelled at me. I smelt his breathe. And it smelt like achloha. I saw him
Grab something silver from his jacket laying on the floor. He got on top of my and grabbed my left hand and handcuffed me to the bed set. And same with my right hand. I screamed. " shut up u little bitch" he chuckled. I screamed at the top of my lungs. And then i remeberd that out naighbors live like 5 mins away and it is hard to hear us. I started to cry. A tear fell from my eye. Then my dad took his hand and started to feel my boobs. I kept of crying. He unhooked my bra and threw it across the room. Then he started to push them
Up and down. He kissed my boobs and made marks on them. He smiled. Then he kissed my lips and added his tongue. I bite his tongue when he entered my mouth with his tongue. He got off me and and went to a draw and grabbed something. It was a whillin thing that u use for houses to make them go. He whipped me in the pussy. He did it 10 times. Then he was kissing my stomach and started to pull down my underwear. Next thing i knew i was fully naked. He licked my pussy. He was rough with it. Then he grabbed his 2 fingers and fingered me. I let out a moan. " you like this dont you" he said. I rolled my eyes. He went into the draw and grabbed a vibrator. He turned it on fully powered ad stuck it in my vagina. I moaned. He did that for 15 minutes. I kept moaning. I couldnt take it anymore but he was still doing it. Then i was about to cum. " d-d-dad i-i-i-im about t-to cum!!" I moaned. " then do it you little bitch." He yelled. Then i cummed. He smiled. And he was was still using the vibrator. Its been 30 mins and it turned into pleasure now. I just sat there on my bed crying while he was still using the vibrator. He finally stopped and licked up all the juices that came out of me. And started to lick my pussy again. I kept moaning. He just kept smiling. Then he ripped his pants off and the rest of his clothing. He grabbed his big dick and told me to suck it. I shook my head. He grabbed the hitting thing and hit me in the pussy again. I screamed and did as he told me. He stuck it half down my throat making my choke. Then i sucked until he cumed. " next time you will be a good girl or you will get a dick inside of out" he said. Then took the handcuffs off me. He left the room and i bursted into tears.
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