Saved by you

This story is about a 16 year old girl who gets raped by people almost everyday. Her dad abuses her. Jessica tried to escape about 6 times and got punishes 6 times. Read more to find out if she escapes. SEXUALITY CONTENT!! 13+


1. About Jessica

Hi im jessica. Im 17 and i live in Chesire England. My mom died when i was 7 and after that everything became Hell. ( excuse the language) I have brown curly hair that comes down till the middle of my back. I have blue eyes that kinda have grey in them. I wasnt that popular at school. I had 1 Bff and her name is Katie. Katie has 2 parents but are divorced. And katies dad lives next to me. Enough about Katie. I get bullied everyday by these 3 sluts whores and skanks. They date every guy in school and have sex with them. They even rape some girls. Then their is the 5 guys that everyone dreams to date. I dont like any of them. So they hurt me.
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