You Can't Have a Rainbow Without a Little Rain

When Ally goes on a foreign exchange program to Holmes Chapel, her host house just happens to be that of Harry's mother Anne. What happens when Harry finds out about Ally's life back in New York? Will it be love at first sight? Or will it be a hit headed mess?


2. Chapter Two

Ally's POV

I wake up to my alarm clock playing Moments. I get up and turn off the alarm and go get ready for my 'awesome' day. I change into the new clothe I get and put on some bracelets. I walk into the living room to see my mom sitting on the couch watching tv. "Where is dad?" I ask, "Oh he is in Vegas for work sorry honey." She looks at me sympathetically but I know she doesn't care how I feel. I sigh and sit down. I wonder what my mom has planned for me today, she sad today was supposed to be a great day, I however, knew that meant a great day for her. "Honey I will be gone all day so you can have whoever you want over, throw a party for all I care but no boys, and everyone Bette be gone by midnight when I get home." I rolled my eyes, this is what she considered a great day? I knew this meant Jake and Olivia were having friends over too which was going to kill me. Since Jake is my twin all of his friends are the popular kids in our school and well, I'm not popular. And Olivia and her friends just torture me. Like make me a fricken slave. I sigh ad think of who I would invite over, but then I remember the only friend I ever had was Jake's new girlfriend and hates my guts now, so I am stuck to be all alone today. My mom leaves the house and Jake comes out of his room and looks at me, "if your goin to be here for the party you better put something else on." I sigh and get up and walk into my room. I stay in there and listen to One Direction until 7 ish until Jake calls me into the kitchen. I get up and walk downstairs. Once I get in there he says, " I forgot to tell you earlier but something came for you in the mail, oh and you haven't eaten anything all day, eat something before everyone gets here they will be here any minute." I roll my eyes grab a slice of left over pizza from the night before and stuck it in the microwave. After the beep telling me my pizza was done I grabbed the food, my mail and I headed back upstairs just and everyone started arriving. When I got in my room I sat on my bed and ate the delicious pizza. After I ate I opened my letter I got in the mail.

Dear Miss Allison Parker,
We would like to acknowledge your application for the year long foreign exchange program. After looking over your grades we have chosen you to be our applicant for this year. The formal information will be sent to you in the next few weeks, we hope you enjoy the wonderful experience waiting ahead of you.

Principal Rarphole

I put the letter down and sat on my bed without moving a muscle. I can not believe I was chosen. I can finally get out of this hell hole!! Now all I want to know I where are they going to send me...?
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