Vampire Boarding School (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Meet Aqua, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. The 6 Vampire's are new to the boarding school. But weird to then there are humans here. Aqua gets bunked with a human.

Aqua has to keep herself from biting the girl. When they become good friends it gets harder for Aqua. Since they used to hate each other as well. Harry and Aqua start to fall in love. But can it last? Or will Harry cheat on Aqua more than once? But that's not all. The day Harry cheats on Aqua she finds out something. Can she trust him again? Read more and find out.


1. Welcome To Freshmen Year


My parents dropped me off at school. Before I start I am Aqua Jane Winters. I am 16 years old. I have a mum Anna a dad Steven and a little sister Emily who is 7. Big of an age cap I say. Anyway I have long brown curly hair and Hazel eyes. People say I should be a model. I am a vampire. born vampire. I can sing and dance. I like the colour pink (I know weird), dancing, singing, reading, Writing, true love and being by myself sometimes and I hate mean people had humans. They smell.

I got my room number. I put everything onto the double bed. A girl walked in she smelt. Wait I thought this was a vampire school. Maybe I was wrong. I am bunked with a human great. I walked out of my room. I got to the office. "How can I help you?" A lady asked. I checked to see if anyone was behind me. "Umm... There's humans here" I said. "We know but they get turned in year 10" the lady whispered.

I nodded. I walked out and bumped into a guy. "Sorry love" The boy said. I stood up. The boy had chocolate brown curls and Emerald green eyes. He looked handsome. "I'm Harry... What's your name beautiful" Harry said snapping me out of my trance. "A-A-q- Aqua" I said chocking a bit. "What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" Harry said.

I blushed. "I should go and unpack it was nice meeting you Harry" I said. Harry smiled. "You too. What's your room number?" Harry asked. "302" I said. "Mines 310" Harry said. I smiled a bit. "Your across from me... I'll take you to it" I said. Harry smiled. "Thank you" Harry said. "No problem" I said.

We started talking. He's a vampire. Like me. "What is the smell?" Harry asked. "I am bunked with a human" I whispered. "I feel sorry for you" Harry whispered. "Well I will see you tomorrow" I said. Harry nodded. "Hopefully same classes" Harry said. I nodded. "Hopefully" I said. I walked into my room. The girl took the single. Good.

"Hey I am Amanda" Amanda said. "Aqua" I said turning away. I setted up my bed. Amanda laughed. I faced her. "Something funny" I snapped. "No" Amanda said scared. "Good" I said angry. "Hey I wanted to know if you wanted to join me for lunch" Amanda said. "No thank you I like being on my own" I said. Amanda nodded shyly. I walked out of the dorm. I saw Harry standing there.

"Kicked out?" I asked. "No wanted to see you again" Harry smirked. I giggled. "Got your timetable?" I asked. Harry nodded and handed it to me. My face lit up. "Something wrong?" Harry asked. "No we have the same classes together" I said. Harry smiled. God his dimples are so fucking hot. A boy walked out. "Who is this?" A boy asked he had brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Aqua this is Louis... Louis my friend Aqua" Harry said. "Hi" I said. "Hey" Louis said. "Vampire" I whispered. Louis nodded, but he was confused for a moment. Harry told him. Louis hugged me. "I am sorry" Louis said. I giggled. "I will have to get used to it" I said. Louis smiled. "you know I am in the same classes as Harry are you?" Louis said. I nodded. "Yes" I said. I heard a smash in my room. I walked in. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked snapping.

Amanda smiled. "Destroying your things" Amanda said. I got mad. Louis and Harry walked in. I hissed at Amanda."Leave my things alone" I hissed. I picked everything up. She broke the picture of my brother. I didn't mention my brother because he got killed by hunters when I was 8. I sat on the bed. Harry sat next to me. "You okay?" Harry asked. "She broke the picture of my brother" I said.

"You can see him again" Amanda snapped. I faced Amanda. "I can't he's dead. You idiot. He died when I was 8" I snapped. Louis picked everything up. "Thank you" I said. "No prob... Ow" Louis said. We knew it wouldn't hurt but he had to pretend for Amanda. I grabbed a cloth and handed it to Louis. "Thank you" Louis said. "No problem" I said. My phone went off. I grabbed it.


"Hello" I said.

"Hello Aqua" Bruce said.

"Hello Bruce" I said coldly.

"I have your little sister here" Bruce said.

I pulled the boys out. I walked outside with them.

"Let my sister go" I snapped.

"She wants to talk to you" Bruce said.

"Aqua save me" Emily said.

"Emily" I said.

"Now you come to the back of the school tonight bring no one and I will give her to you" Bruce said.

"If you hurt her I will kill you" I snapped.

"Meet me there at 8pm" Bruce said.

"I will be there" I said and hung up.

"Who was that?" Amanda asked. I screamed and turned. "A guy who kidnapped my little sister" I said. Harry and Louis pushed me softly into there room. They shut the door and locked it. "Hunter" I whispered. Harry brought me into a hug. "How old is your sister?" Harry asked. "Emily is 7" I said. Harry rubbed my back. "What time?" Harry asked.

"8 tonight" I said. Louis hugged me as well. A knock came at the door. "Come in" Louis said. 3 boys walked in. "Hey we live across from you... I'm Liam this is Niall and Zayn" Liam said. We pulled apart. "I'm Harry this is Louis and Aqua who lives across from us" Harry said. The boys smiled. Amanda walked in. "STOP FOLLOWING ME" I snapped.

Amanda stayed there. "What were you talking about before?" Amanda asked. "Nothing that concerns you" I said. I walked out. "Aqua" Harry said.


Harry's POV

I looked at Amanda. "Leave her alone got it" I snapped and walked out after Aqua. I couldn't find Aqua anywhere. I took a massive breath. "Sorry for walking out" Someone said. I jumped and turned. I saw Aqua standing there. "It's fine" I said. Aqua put her arms around me. I put mine around her. "Can you be there tonight just in case?" Aqua asked. "Sure I'll hide" I said. "Thank you" Aqua said. "No problem" I said.




Aqua's POV

Amanda was asleep. Harry walking in. It was 7:15 pm. I opened the window and jumped onto the tree. Harry did the same. He closed the window. Harry hid in the bush. It came 8pm. Bruce came with Emily. "Aqua" Emily said. "Em" I said. Bruce chucked Emily to me. I hugged her. Emily cried. I picked her up. I smiled. "What?" Bruce asked.

"I didn't keep my promise" I said. Harry jumped out and smashed Bruce into the ground. "That's for killing my brother" I snapped. Once Bruce left. Harry hugged me. "Thank you" I whispered. We got into my dorm again. "Mum and dad are picking you up tomorrow" I whispered. Emily nodded. I put the blankets over her. Amanda opened her eyes.

"Thanks again Harry" I said. "No problem... Bye Emily" Harry said. "Bye Haz" Emily said. Harry smiled and walked out. I laid on the bed. I fell asleep. So did Emily.

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