Vampire Boarding School (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Meet Aqua, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. The 6 Vampire's are new to the boarding school. But weird to then there are humans here. Aqua gets bunked with a human.

Aqua has to keep herself from biting the girl. When they become good friends it gets harder for Aqua. Since they used to hate each other as well. Harry and Aqua start to fall in love. But can it last? Or will Harry cheat on Aqua more than once? But that's not all. The day Harry cheats on Aqua she finds out something. Can she trust him again? Read more and find out.


2. Bruce Killed My Dad. There Is Hell To Pay


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I was waiting at the front for mum and dad to come. They came down. Mum ran and grabbed Emily and hugged her. "Oh god... What happened Aqua?" Mum asked. "Bruce" was all I said. I didn't know what to say. "I am so going to kill him" Dad yelled. My eyebrows scrunched together.  "Dad don't... He will get what is coming for him" I said. I hugged my parents. The bell rang.

"I have to get to class... I will call you tonight" I said. Dad and Mom nodded. I ran into the school. I grabbed my bag and ran to my locker where I grabbed my books.  Harry walked up. "Hey Aqua" Harry said. "Hey Harry" I said. "Did Emily go?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Mum and Dad came before and picked her up" I said. We walked to class. We got there and sat together. The boys joined us. 

"Did your parents pick Emily up?" Louis whispered. "Yeah... Dad wanted to kill Bruce but I going to do it" I said. The boys nodded. Harry looked at me. "With our help no way are we letting you fight him on your own" Harry said. I smiled. "Thank you" I said. Amanda walked in. I rolled my eyes. "Who was the girl last night?" Amanda asked.

I raised an eyebrow. "The girl you put in your bed" Amanda said. I looked at Harry then back at Amanda. "How did you know about that?" I asked. "I woke up and saw you place a girl in the sheets, Harry was there too" Amanda said. "My sister" I said. Amanda nodded and sat at the front. Liam crumbled up a piece of paper and through it at Amanda. She looked at us. The teacher walked in.

"Good morning class I am Mr Parks... Today we are writing a recount on the worst day of you life" The teacher said. We nodded. Amanda put her hand up. "Yes" Mr Parks said. "I haven't had a worst day of my life" Amanda said. "What about coming here" Niall shouted. We all laughed. "Well then make one up or you will fail" Mr Parks said. Amanda faced me. "Your brother deserved to die" Amanda said.

I got mad. "Take that back" I snapped. "No he did" Amanda said. I stood up. "He didn't deserve to die... He was only 10" I snapped. "Did you watch it happen how did you know he got killed?" Amanda asked. "I was there... He was looking after me that day. You little slut" I yelled. "Aqua she isn't worth it" Harry said. "No one ever speaks bad about my brother you got that" I said and sat down.

Once I finished writing. I stood up and handed my work to the teacher. He smiled at me. He also gave me a sad look. I shook my head. I walked back to my seat and sat down. Harry was rubbing my back. "You okay?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Yeah sorry about before" I said. "Don't worry about it... I would be to" Harry whispered. I smiled. 




It was lunch. I sat with the boys. We all started talking. Amanda sat across from us. I laughed. Niall finished eating and stole my food. "Oi" I giggled. "Sorry I'm hungry" Niall said. I laughed. "It's fine Niall" I said.  Niall smiled and kept eating. 5 other people joined Amanda. They were human. The boys and I shivered.  "I don't know why you bunk with her she's so mean... I mean in class the way she snapped at you" A girl whispered. It's cool because vampires can hear people talking even if they were far away. 

"You should move rooms" Another girl said. "I can't I am stuck you her until year 12" Amanda said. "Tape her mouth shut" A boy said. We laughed. Emily ran in. "Emily" I said. Emily got to me. I picked her up. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Bruce" Emily whispered. "Where?" I asked. "He killed dad" Emily cried. "Bruce" Niall whispered. I nodded.  "Where's mum?" I asked.

"She's fighting him" Emily said. I nodded. "Are we going?" Louis asked. I nodded. Emily got on my back. I grabbed her tiny legs. We ran out. Once out we ran off vampire speed. "Hang on Emily" I said. Emily nodded. She put her arms around my neck. We got to my house. "Niall take Emily somewhere safe" I said. Niall nodded and grabbed Emily. We ran in. I saw dad on the ground. Ripped apart. I screamed. Harry put his arms around my waist. 

"Fight Bruce please" I said crying. Liam, Zayn and Louis nodded and ran into the lounge and helped mum. Harry turned me to face him. He placed my head in his chest. I cried. Harry rubbed my back.  Once I stopped crying. we joined in. I pushed Bruce into the wall. My fangs came down. The school principal ran in. "Anna" The principal said. "Hannah" Mum said.

Bruce pushed me into the glass. The glass broke. The boys protected me. Harry got mad and smashed Bruce into the ground again. The boys cracked Bruce's bones. Bruce screamed. He pushed them off. I nodded to the boys. They took my mum and the principal out. Bruce and I started to fight. He was weak. So I had a chance. But I misplaced my foot. Bruce smiled and stabbed me. I gasped. The knife pierced through my stomach.

Harry ran in. "Aqua" Harry said. Bruce pushed the knife in further. I chocked. He pulled the knife out. I fell. Harry caught me. "Aqua come on please" Harry cried. Bruce took off.  "Your going to be alright... You are going to" Harry said. I shook my head. "No Harry" I said. "Yes you are" Harry said crying. I gulped. "Thank you" I whispered closing my eyes.


Harry's POV

"Thank you" Aqua whispered and closed her eyes. "Aqua" I said and held her close. The others ran in. "Aqua" Anna said. I hope that's her name. I kept crying. I kissed Aqua's forehead. I held her hand. I pressed my lips onto Aqua's cold ones. They started to warm up. I pulled back. "Aqua" I whispered. Aqua started to open her eyes. "Aqua" Everyone said happily.I hugged her.

We got back to school. Well I was carrying Aqua. She was smiling. We saw the 5 girls and Amanda looking at us.  "What?" I asked. "Where were you... You missed class?" Amanda asked snapping. I rolled my eyes. "My dad got killed alright... So I had to go home... The boys wanted to be there for me so they came" Aqua said. "Why is Harry giving you a piggy back" A girl asked. "Because I wanted to" Harry snapped.

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