Just One Day

Sisters, Aniela and Catalina were out walking on a snowy day when they crossed paths with two handsome young men from One Direction and ended up getting invited to spend Valentine's Day with them.


1. One Lucky Day Leads to Another


   “Catalina, hurry up!” I yelled. “I’m right here Annie, calm down,” Catalina told me. “Oh, I didn’t here you coming down the stairs,” I said. We were on our way to go shopping and hang out to give our selves something to do. “Are you ok with us walking even though it’s snowing  or do you want me to drive?” Catalina asked. “Yeah I’m ok with it, I love walking while it’s snowing,” I told her. I don’t know why I liked walking while it’s snowing, I guess it’s because I can observe and enjoy the scenery better. We headed out the door to start our day. “So, Cat you know Valentine’s Day is three days away which means the dance at your school is three days away and you still don’t have a dress and don’t say you’re not going because what high school girl doesn’t want to go their high school dances?” I said. “I don’t plan on going to that dance and plus I don’t even have someone to go with,” Catalina told me. “Well, it’s not like no one asked you because I know at least two people asked you, plus you’re always complaining about how you never have anything to do and you’re always bored so that would give you something to do.” “That’s true Annie but just because you plan on going to your dinner dance next year and your high school dances after that, doesn’t mean I do,” she told me.

    “You got a point but . . . . ,” I was stopped in the middle of my sentence by these two tall handsome young men. “But what?” then Catalina stopped to notice them. “Whoa,” Catalina said in a low voice while looking at the one without hair. He was smiling at her. “Aren’t they from One Direction? And isn’t that Liam?” Catalina asked. The one with the curly hair smiled at me and the other one began to introduce himself. “Hello love and yes, I’m Liam,” he said and winked at her. “Hey, I’m Catalina but you can call me Cat or Lina or Love as you mentioned before.” “Hello, I’m Harry.” “Hey Harry,” Catalina introduced herself to him. “Hi Harry, hi Liam I’m her younger sister, Aniela, or you can call me Annie or Ella . . . if you want.” “Hey, um do you two young ladies have anything to do on Valentine’s Day?” Liam asked and he and Harry gave me and Catalina a hopeful look. It kind of looked as if they were slightly begging. “Y-“ “No,” I cut Cat off. There was no way we were going to pass up an opportunity to hang out with two guys handsome guys from One Direction especially not on Valentine’s Day. “I thought you wanted me to go to that dance?” Cat said looking confused. “Key word wanted. And that was before we crossed paths with Harry and Liam. And to top all of that off, they asked if we have anything to do on Valentine’s Day,” I explained to her.

   I turned around to face to face Liam and Liam and said, “I’m sorry but the answer is no . . . ,” Catalina shot me a very confused but disappointed look, and I continued, “We don’t have anything to do on Valentine’s Day.” We all started laughing. “That was a good one,” Liam told me. “Thanks,” I replied. We all were done laughing. “So, just to make sure I understand correctly, you guys are available?” Liam asked. “Yup, we’re available,” I told him. “Are we doing anything that involves us having to wear a dress?” Catalina asked and I gave her a blank look. “How about we text you two beautiful young ladies the answer? Only, because I have a quite a few things in mind.” Liam answered. Catalina and I agreed and we exchanged number with Liam and Harry. “Well, we should get going,” I told them. “Alright, bye Aniela, bye Catalina,” Harry and Liam said together. “Bye,” me and Cat said. We hugged and parted to go our separate ways. We smiled the whole time we walked back home and didn’t say a word to each other. 

1 Day Until Valentine’s Day

“Annie, check your phone!”Cat yelled excitedly. I went to my room and got my phone to see that I had a message from Harry. It said “We decided to jus hang out with you guys to get to kno u is that ok?” I immediately texted him back saying, “Yea that’s fine with me.” I still can’t believe me and Cat are spending Valentine’s Day with Harry and Liam, and not only that, but Harry is my favorite and Liam is Catalina’s favorite! This is so implausible!

Valentine’s Day

I woke up like it was an average school morning I got in the shower,  put on my blue and white school uniform and went down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I noticed Catalina wore a giant smile on her face even though she was chewing a mouth full of cereal. I made my bowl of cereal and sat down and gave her a blank perplexed look. “What are you so happy about?” “You seriously forgot about today?!” she responded. I sat there for another second looking at her blankly. . . “Today’s Valentine’s Day!”I screamed. “I know we’re spending the rest of after school with Liam!” I finished off her sentence, “And Harry!”  Then I thought about it. “Cat, did you tell mom about today?” I asked. “No. Why?” “Because mom might not let us go,” I said looking a little sad about the thought. “I’ll tell her okay?” Catalina promised. “Okay.” I said unsure of the thought of her telling mom. I finished up my breakfast and did my hair. Cat came to my room and told me that mom agreed. “For real?!” I said eagerly. “Yeah, she said we can’t stay out no later than 7 o'clock.” “Only thing that matters to me is that we can go and that we’re going! Thanks for asking Cat.”  “No problem.” she said.  I put the outfit I was wearing in a drawstring bag and carried it in my hands and headed to school in the passenger seat of Catalina’s car. She dropped me off at school and we went on with our day. It seemed like the school day was longer than usual and I grew really anxious by 9th period which was a waste of my anxiety since I only had one more period and then the school day was over.  I felt a buzz in my pocket so I checked my phone even though I was in class. I had a text from Harry asking what time I got out of school, so I texted him back saying, “2:30”. Shortly after I sent the text, he responded, “Me, Liam, and Cat will pick you up ok?” “OK” I responded. 10th block finally came but fortunately, it went by fast. As soon as class let out I walked swiftly to my locker, went down to the girl’s locker room and changed my clothes. After I changed into my outfit I went left out the school and saw a range rover parked in front of the school and saw my sister in the window, motioning me towards the truck. I hopped in and greeted Cat, Liam, and Harry. “You got an early dismissal?” I asked my sister. “It was a 1:25 day,” she said. It was quiet for a quick moment until Liam broke the silence by telling us the plans for today. "So, me and Harry were thinking that we'd surprise you ladies, hang out in random places, give you a tour of our private jet and then have something to eat and then we'd drop you off at home at around 7 o'clock. Is that alright with you, ladies?" "Sounds legit to me,"I answered. "Perfect, that's when our mom wants us home," Catalina answered. During the car ride I tried to get Harry and Liam to tell me and Cat what the surprise is. I didn't have any luck with that. After about 15 minutes we pulled up in front of a park. We hopped out of the car and I couldn't help but notice that the park was quiet and seemed empty. "Hello," I heard a familiar but unfamiliar voice say. The voice had an . . . Irish accent! I heard Niall. I turned to face a tree on my right and saw the rest of the One Direction band members and they all had their hands behind their backs smiling. "Are you seeing this Cat?," I asked. "Yeah, I see. It's One Direction," she said, I could tell she was trying not to act a little crazy. They all removed their hands from behind their back and they each were holding a box of chocolate and a small bouquet of flowers. "Happy Valentine's Day!," they said together. They approached Catalina and I, and gave us their gifts. "You guys are the best, thank you!," I said. We introduced ourselves and talked for little bit. Afterwards, we got back in the car and Harry said, "When we meant a few random places, we meant we were going to a few random places and taking pictures for a magazine. Is that alright?" "Of course, I love taking pictures!," I responded. Catalina agreed with me,"same thing here." We pulled up at the lakefront downtown and took some pictures. Even though it was winter I still enjoyed the scenery of the lakefront. It started snowing big clumps of snow so we decided that it would be safer to cancel the rest of the "random places" out. I didn't mind though, neither did Catalina. We still were gonna get the tour of their private jet, Air Force One Direction, so we headed there next. It was a 2 and a half hour car ride. It was now 5:30. We only had 1 and a half more hours left to spend together. Time is moving to quickly but at least it's being put to good use right? "We're here," Liam announced. "Yay!," I said. "Wow, it's huge! I always forget how huge planes and jets are," I said amazed. "I can't wait to get inside and see what it looks like," Catalina said excitedly. "Same here," I said. "Well then let's go see what it looks like," Harry said with a grin on his face. We got out the car, and went inside their private jet. "It looks so-" "Luxurious," Cat said finishing my sentence while in awe. It had red curtains on the windows, black and white leather furniture, a medium sized flat screen television in one of the walls, a small coffee table with golden legs and a gold rim going around the side of the table's surface, and the bathroom was also amazing. It had a black door with "1D" imprinted in the door and the inside of bathroom included bright white walls except for one that was red with five white robes with it's owner's name stitched in gold at the back of them, a wide mirror, and big shower with a white shower curtain that had a large painting of  tree, it was kind of random. I took a picture of everything. "So what do you guys think?,"Liam asked. "I think this the best private jet I may ever see. I mean, it's so grand and the color schemes are great and I love the leather furniture," I said. We headed out of the jet and Harry said,"Next stop, Aurelio's Pizza!" "They have the best pizza. I love it their!," Catalina told them. After 30 minutes we arrived at the pizza place. We went in and got seated up stairs that way fans wouldn't see them go crazy and interrupt our day. We placed our order and waited telling each other more about ourselves. "Oh yeah, happy early birthday Annie." Cat said and I gave her a confused look and then realized my birthday is 4 days. "When's your birthday?" Harry asked. "It's in 4 days," I told him. "Well happy early birthday," Liam and Harry said together. "Thank you. And happy belated birthday Harry." "Thanks. How old will you be?" "I'll be 14," I said smiling. "Cool. You look a little younger than 14 though. But there's nothing wrong with that." Liam told me. Our food arrived, but we ate it swiftly because it was almost 7 o'clock. After we finished eating we had some slices left over. "How about we bring your mum the rest of the pizza?" Harry suggested. "Good idea." I agreed. I texted my mum we were bringing her some Aurelio's pizza. A few minutes later, she responded,"Thanks, Honey Bunny" We headed home and by the time we got there it was 6:59. Harry and Liam walked us to the door and rang the door bell. Our mom immediately answered. "Hey! Thanks for having them home in time um," "I'm Harry." "And I'm Liam." "Well thank you Harry and Liam. "No problem. Well bye, it was nice meeting you all." Harry and Liam said together and hugged me my sister and mom and left. We gave our non the pizza and told her about our day.



                                                             The End


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