True Love

A girl who is turning 18 spends it with her boyfriend! The best part is her birthday is on Valentine!! (I know how romantic) She is so happy to spend it with Harry. She has the greatest plans but she is not the only one who has plans.


1. The big night!

      Allissa P.O.V

I was so happy get a call from Harry saying that he is not working tonight and that he has the perfect night planned!

When I got their I could hear music and I saw candles all lit in the back. I rang the doorbell "COMING!!" Harry yelled.

"Hey babe!" he said and gave me a kiss. "Hey, so what are we going to do tonight?" I asked "I'm not telling you." he said with a cheesy smile.He was so cheesey but I have to admit I love it when he is cheesey."Ok first thing put on this blink fold." I was a little scared but I did what he said. He toke me outside "Ok now! Take off the blind fold!" Harry had the whole pool area covered in candles it was so beautiful! " WOW Harry this is so... so.." "I know!" he said not litting me finish."Now go back inside and go upstairs in my room their is another suprise!!" So I went upstairs, like he saud to, and found a bathing suit.

      Harry P.O.V

I was so happy with the way me and Allissa were! Tonight was going to be so great! I got in my bathing suit quickly then I waited for Allissa. When she came down she had her hair in a bun and one of my old shirts. She looked so amazing! "Wow!" I said then she blushed! She really did look amazing!

      Allissa P.O.V

Harry was so sweet to say I looked good. He was the best and I was so cunfused why he like me. I'm not as half as pretty as the other fans, so why me? But that didn't matter right now. I went over to Harry but he jumped in the pool to fast for me to hug him. So I sat down with my legs in the pool because I was so cold. But then Harry suprised me and pulled me into the water! "Hey!" I yelled at him. He just gave me that same cheesey smile then he came over and tried to kiss me but I splashed him then swam away! "Your not going to get off the hock that fast!" I yelled as I was swimming "I will get that kiss you know!" he yelled "If you want to kiss me your going to have to catch me!" I said as I turned away from him trying to get away. But as soon as I turned away I felt these huge hands around my waist " I got you!" he whispered in my ear! Then it started to rain Harry quickly pulled me under water and kissed me. It was short because we both needed air! "Wow!" I said and then we both ran inside!

     Harry P.O.V

Allissa looked so hot with her hair all wet and down! "Hey can I barrow some cloths?" Allissa asked me "Sure I don't care," I was happy that she left because I was going to suprise her when she came down! When she came down she looked so cute in my clothes! She had on one of my shirts and a pair of sweat pants. "Allissa I love you!" I said she blushed. " Harry I love you too." she said " But I loved you every since I saw you at the point I knew I needed you in my life. I knew you were the one, you get on so well with the lads and they love you like a sister. So I just wanted to ask you Will you marry me?"

     Allissa P.O.V

Harry grabbed me hand as he asked me to marry him. As those words came out I felt a tear down my face. "Yes of course I will marry you!" I was so happy Harry picked me up and spun me around then he set me down and gave me a kiss. He picked me up again and we wnt to his- well our room!

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