Testing Love 2


2. Dylan: Buzzing

The music vibrated her whole body, that fact that she was completely drunk did not help her balance at all. A few boys were trying to catch her attention but she payed no notice to them. The buzz of the joint she had smoked before hand made her lose focus on what she was thinking. A young boy caught her eye, his blue eyes pierced hers from across the room. A silly smile fell across her lips as the boy made his way through the crowd towards her. It wasn't until he was a metre away that a another strobe light hit his face at the right angle to see his eyes, this time they flashed green. Pain erupted in her chest and she gasped for air, stumbling away from the dance floor she headed for the bar. The bartender saw her stagger towards him and placed a shot of vodka on the bar for her. The vodka burned her throat but it distracted her from the pain in her chest. Signalling the bartender to get her another vodka, she drown five before she couldn't feel anything but the burning throat and the desire to be sick. "Dylan?" She heard a faint voice say behind her. She turned to she Harry standing there with a beer in one hand and his other slightly away from his body as if he had gone to touch her but thought better of it. A frown formed between his eyebrows as he took in her appearance, her blood shot eyes and clumsy movements. A smile appeared on her face as she gazed up at him. "You-u look...cut-te when you-r-r-r frown...n-ing" She said stumbling and mumbling over her words. He squinted down at her face, the frown line becoming more prominent. "Have you been smoking?" He asked, he already knew the answer, it was obvious, she could smell it and he probably could see her bloodshot eyes. "Hehehe...Mabs" She said giggling like a little girl. "Shit Dylan, do you want to throw your whole life away?" He growled grabbing her wrist tightly. She suddenly snapped out of her childish mood, tugging at his grip she spat "Don't tell me how to like my life! LET GO OF ME NOW!" Harry looked down at his hand that was wrapped around her wrist and instantly let go. She rubbed the scabs that had now cracked open, pain ebbed up her arm and fresh blood seeped from the wounds. "Was that..." Harry trailed off, she knew what he was going to say anyway. "Fuck off Styles" She spat, grabbing her bag she made a dash for the exit. This was the second time she had run into Harry at a bar since there brake up.  "Why can't he just leave me the fuck alone." //





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