Be my valentine? ~Finished~

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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2013
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This story is about a girl named grace she has a horrible past an it's almost valentines day! She has no bf an she get bullied until she meets a one direction boy an her like goes from down to up !!!! But what happens if this boy crushed on her an doesnt know She's his bandmates sister will he be warned to stay away from her , or be welcomed , will his bandmate be overprotective or be totally chill with it ?!


36. wedding too early?

Nialls P.O.V

Me and grace were so happy we chose to make the wedding early! the big day is tommorrow and we already are on top of things. most of the things we need are ready. I can't believe this is happening the boy's are overjoyed for me! Now i will have a smile on my face for the TMH tour! I made the food while grace went to find a dress with the girls. I had a suit and tie, the boys helped me RSVP everyone.

Graces pov

we found the most beautiful dress!  and it fit perfectly.We got home and drew on paper how the whole thing was set. We did this ourselves because the boy's dont know how to decorate nice. Not to be affensive. We got the whole thing planned out and the end of the day we were all pooped. It takes a lot of work, but its worth it!


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