Be my valentine? ~Finished~

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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2013
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This story is about a girl named grace she has a horrible past an it's almost valentines day! She has no bf an she get bullied until she meets a one direction boy an her like goes from down to up !!!! But what happens if this boy crushed on her an doesnt know She's his bandmates sister will he be warned to stay away from her , or be welcomed , will his bandmate be overprotective or be totally chill with it ?!


12. The truth...

Harry's pov

Niall hugged grace too hard an found the scar on her back. We tried to cover up the lie, but he wasn't falling for it. So grace started to tell him , but the bell rang so she waved goodbye we were all going to " sex class" I had a different teacher but at least it was our last class . The teacher called me in to be late an I was mad . She started speaking " there has been too many lates if u are late again u will have a detention , after that suspension , an so on so forth". Now it was worse I could not even be late now ! " mrs. Denecke "! Called out a girl In my class " yes , Kristen"? " we'll, u know how I have been late a lot ? An u just said that thinking were going to do as u wAnt ?" my teacher got mad an put in THE HALL I have no clue what's so special about it , its a storage room with a long wall .

Nialls pov


It was almost valentines day , 5 more days ! My teacher just reminded me . I wanted to ask out grace but I was a little worried , we did spend a lot of time together maybe she will say yes . So after school I went up to her in the hall an said " would u kiss me again of i wanted to "? She nodded . I kissed her long an passionate so everyone could see . "Grace, Will You Be My Valentine?" She smiled " of course I will Niall !" she jumped an hugged me .

" So were going out"? i asked blushing.

" yes, niall we are" she chuckled.

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