Be my valentine? ~Finished~

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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2013
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This story is about a girl named grace she has a horrible past an it's almost valentines day! She has no bf an she get bullied until she meets a one direction boy an her like goes from down to up !!!! But what happens if this boy crushed on her an doesnt know She's his bandmates sister will he be warned to stay away from her , or be welcomed , will his bandmate be overprotective or be totally chill with it ?!


35. proposal

Niall's P.o.v

I took grace for an evening without the children or anyone.We drove to the beach, we relaxed and had fun at sunset i was going to do somthing that will change our lives forever.I got down on one knee...

" Grace elizabeth fernandez, i know we have had our troubles, in the past an these children are a big responsibility. i want to be there real father i want to be with you and them the whole way through. Will you marry me?" I said.

She looked shocked.....

"...uhhh... YES!!! YES YES YES YES!!!! a million times YES!!!!!" she squealed.

I told the boys and the congradulated us. We should have our wedding next month. I was so happy i couldn't stop smiling!

Grace's pOV

I was so happy. about the children, marrige, everything! my life could never be better! I can't explain how happy i am!

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