Be my valentine? ~Finished~

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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2013
  • Status: Complete
This story is about a girl named grace she has a horrible past an it's almost valentines day! She has no bf an she get bullied until she meets a one direction boy an her like goes from down to up !!!! But what happens if this boy crushed on her an doesnt know She's his bandmates sister will he be warned to stay away from her , or be welcomed , will his bandmate be overprotective or be totally chill with it ?!


17. OMG...

Graces pov

I woke up I wa in a dark tunnel that I couldn't get out of I wasn't strong enough I ad no clue what was going on or were I was I heard beeping an talking in a hall? Then the door p
Opened I felt a hand grab mine an everyone surrounded me problem was I couldn't see ! The I'm geussing doctor was talking about me being in a coma ... IM IN A COMA !!!!??? I felt a tear land on my hand whoever was holding it was crying . I wanted to wake up so bad I just couldn't . Then someone started talking .... NIALL ! " I feel terrible she heard the wrong thing babe if u can hear me u didn't let me finish im not cheating I as worried u would think I was an then u did so it made me feel worse ".. Now I was totally trying to break free then Harry spoke " don't worry Jason is in jail he won't bother u again ". His voice starting to crack I think they saw a tear roll down my eye because they all gasped an I felt like all eyes were on me .
Nialls pov
I felt horrible when I saw a tear roll down her cheek I had hope lots of hope . But nope nothing I stayed in the hospital for weeks at a time waiting for her to wake . Harry finally came by an said " dude go take a shower an get some nandos I'll watch her u need to relax ". So I got up after I had done all that I came back feeling a little better ... Then Harry left soon an I still waiting for her to wake I wasn't going to move until she opened her beautiful bright blue eyes an smiled ....

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