Be my valentine? ~Finished~

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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 19 Sep 2013
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This story is about a girl named grace she has a horrible past an it's almost valentines day! She has no bf an she get bullied until she meets a one direction boy an her like goes from down to up !!!! But what happens if this boy crushed on her an doesnt know She's his bandmates sister will he be warned to stay away from her , or be welcomed , will his bandmate be overprotective or be totally chill with it ?!


5. No

Graces pov
I was not too happy with the fact that I was a little too close to Niall , but oh we'll. Harry did not look too pleased with me we played truth or dare... Harry had to punch his own balls !!! Then Louis dared Niall to kiss me .. My nerves started up , I looked straight at him worried , he moved in an kissed away . After Harry was furious , I thought about it all I could remeber was my past now my dad , mom sisters , loved ones rushing threw my head . I began to cry I ran off upstairs into the bedroom to calm down.
Harry's pov
Great I hav no clue what she's thinking but Niall made er cry I got up an ran after her . She was on my bed crying . " it's okay he didn't mean any harm".
" I know but all I can remeber
Now is hi how dad would hug me , an Clare & Tara would play and joke around , how James used to love me ".
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