Little to used to being alone

Ava Goergia is just a little to used to being alone. She has never had any friends because she's "different" She's herself and does't act like any one else, but yet is bullied for it. Her parents worship the ground her brothers and sisters walk on but Ava is treated like a spec of dust. But when five sertain boys try and make friends with her will she just push them away?


2. Chapter two



  I woke up to my phone ringing. Ugh who's calling any way? I lazily rolled on my side, flinging my hand to my bedside table. The light omitting my phone, illuminating my room was blinding. Squinting, I was just barley able to read the name. Actually I wasn't, but pressed 'accept' anyway.


  "Hello?" I asked in my groggy morning voice.


  "Is this Ava?" A deep british voice asked. I numbly nodded, but remebered whomever it was couldn't see me.


  "Uh, yeah. Why?" I asked once more.


  "Well, er, your boss asked me to call you, 'cause, uh, he can't find his keys and he needs to open the store." He said fast, and then slow, then fast again. At first I was skeptical, but then realized that, that sounds exactly like something Ely (Ee lie) would do.


  I groaned. "Okay, I'll be there in like twenty minutes. If I can find a way to sneek out of this hell-hole..." I mumbled the last part mostly to myself, but he heard it anyway. "Uh, can I ask who's calling, though?"


  "Harry, Harry Styles." I almost choked on air. How the hell did he get my number?! We said our good-byes and then I went to get dressed.  I put on an outfit from Jack Wills, threw my hair up into a messy bun, and slipped in my old, tattered, grey vans. Not bothreing with any make-up. Then walked downstairs, just to to be greeted my my lovely family! Not.


  "Where the hell do you think you're going, bitch?!" My dad spat.

  "Work," I mumbled before sprinting out the door.


  Upon arriving at work, I saw both the curly haired boy from yesterday and my boss standing around waiting for me. Oh, he must be Harry Styles. Now everything made sense. I sighed and put my keys through the lock and unlocked the door. Ely mumbled a thank you, and walked in with both me and Harry hot on his tail. Ely turned to look at me examining my cuts and bruises.


  "Are you okay," he asked voice full of concern. I nodded. Ely was the only person who knew what went on at home. He pulled me into a quick hug before telling me I could stay if I wanted. I accepted, and walked behind the counter. "No, not work, just stay." I laughed, and then he walked into his office. The room went silent, and I could practically feel Harry's stare boring into my soul. Quickly I looked down trying to hide the bruises, scars, and cuts, suddenly feeling insecure. He lifted my chin up surverying every last inch of my face.


  "Who did this to you?" He asked, anger risining in his voice. It kind of reminded me of my moms, and I cowered in fear. "I'm sorry." He quickly regained his composure, his voice returning to normal. Slow and soft.


   I'm not really sure if I should tell him or not. I barely know this guy so why would I trust him? I don't really trust any one to be honest. I've been bullyed my whole life and they made sure I had no friends, so I'm use to being alone. It doesn't really bother me now. What have I got to lose?


   "My mum." 


   Anger flared in his eyes, and you can practically see steam coming out if his ears; feel the blood coursing through his vains. Well, I'm not even sure if I CAN call it blood anymore. Seems to me it's more fire or lava, or I don't know, something hot. I shakily reached over and put my hand on his arm, in attempt to calm him down. It didn't work. The next thing I did surprised even me, and with the way my lifes been going nothing and I mean NOTHING surprises me. I kissed him. Almost immediately he calmed down and kissed back. Slowly, we both pulled away, and he looked down at me with the biggest smile I have EVER seen. His facial expression was soft. He looked like he had forgotten the previous events. But I hadn't.


   "Don't even think about taking one ounce of pity on me. Understand? It's been going on long enough. The insults, the beatings, the lies, neglect. I don't care anymore! And I sure as hell don't need anyone to take pity on me..." I snapped, but got quieter towards the end. "Sorry..." I whipsered. "Just don't pity me. I hate sob story's. I hate dumping my problems on people. And I hate the guilt that comes with it..."


   "But you don't deserve that," He whispered back. "You deserve the world, and nothing less."


   "No Harry, you dont know me. I deserve what I get, because what they say is true. I am useless, ugly, stupid, worthless, and everything inbetween. I'm not worth your time, hell I'm not even worth my time, so save yourself the heartache. I'm not worth it."  So much for 'not liking sob story's', I thought to myself. Oh well, it's not like he cares.


   "Well you sure as hell don't seserve that. You're beautiful, and should be treated like a princess." I blushed what he said, but still didn't believe it. "Come live with me." That's all he said. No explination. No nothing, just 'come live with me'.


   "No, I couldn't do that to you. I wouldn't was to be a burden. You have better things to do then take in an emotionally unstable sixteen year old. Plus, my mom would probably find me." I replied still unsure.


   He leaned down and whipsered in my ear. "Nobody will hurt you as long as I'm around." butterfly's soarded around my stomach. I nodded, finally giving in. He smiled the biggest smile ever, and enveloped me in a hug.

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