Little to used to being alone

Ava Goergia is just a little to used to being alone. She has never had any friends because she's "different" She's herself and does't act like any one else, but yet is bullied for it. Her parents worship the ground her brothers and sisters walk on but Ava is treated like a spec of dust. But when five sertain boys try and make friends with her will she just push them away?


3. Chapter three



   My bags are packed, finally. Tonight I'm leaving this hell hole. Well, if I can get out. No Ava don't think like that, you will get out! I'll just go through my window. Yeah, that sounds good. Now to wait until it's dark so I can leave. This is probably going to take awhile.


    It finally darkened. My parents are asleep now. Time to leave and never come back. I picked up my duffle bag and opened up my window. Okay now to actually get outside with out falling. I could just climb down the tree. Yes that'll work. I threw my bag outside the climbed out of my window. Now to get on the tree. 1...2...3... I jumped for the closest branch and I didn't fall.

    "Ava!" Someone yelled. More specifically: my dad. His footsteps could be heard through my room, and down the hall. 'Fuck,' I thought to myself. 'Well Ava, you have two choices: sit here like a dumb ass and get caught, or jump and risk injury.' Injury. Definitely injury. "Where the fuck are you, you little bitch?!"

    I let go of the branch, soon I was back on the ground. I grabbed my bag and made a brake for it. This might be the only chance I have to get away, and I'm not letting it slip away. Time to find the address. I took out my phone and studied the address Harry had text me. I quickly put it away then started running again. Aha there it is. I ran up tot he front door and quickly knocked. Come on and just answer the d- Harry pulled me inside then closed the door.

    "Did you get here alright?"

    Fuck no! I didn't get here "all right"! Well, that's what I wanted to say, but I just kept it simple. "Yeah, I got here fine."

    "You're lying." He said bluntly.

    "Can you just drop it, please? I'm really tired..." I mumbled.

    "Of course, love, but you're telling me in the morning," he said.

    I nodded.

    He showed me to my room, and I set my stuff down by the door. I turned to look at him'. "Thank you," I said, engulfing him in a huge hug.

    "No problem, love. Just get some sleep, alright?"

    I nodded and climbed under the sheets. Good night, Harry, I thought. And drifted off into a deep sleep.

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