Little to used to being alone

Ava Goergia is just a little to used to being alone. She has never had any friends because she's "different" She's herself and does't act like any one else, but yet is bullied for it. Her parents worship the ground her brothers and sisters walk on but Ava is treated like a spec of dust. But when five sertain boys try and make friends with her will she just push them away?


1. Chapter one

Ava's p.o.v

******BEEP BEEP BEEP******

I hit the button on my alarm clock to shut it up. I pulled off the warm blanket and walked into my bathroom. I showered and what not. I put on a pair of sweats, maroon 5 tshirt and a over sized hoodie. Last day of school till break, you can do this Ava. I walked down the stairs to find mum and dad gushing over my siblings. I have four brothers and three sisters.

"Ava! Take a photo of us! Now!" Mum yelled. I grabbed the camra from her and took about 20 photos before she snached the camra back and told me to get out and not come home till school's over.

"Bye Chase, Peter, Josh, Nathan, Bella, Amy and Layla!" Mum and dad cooed to my brothers and sisters.

I grabbed my binder than scurried out the door. I walkied into drama central, overwhise known as high school. People kept on looking at me like I'm some sort of freak. Every girl in my school loojk like they are a barbie all, it's sickning. All the guys, don't even get me started. All of them are sport jocks. Yeah, I hate going to this privite school. I just want to leave England, but sadly you can't just run from your prblems. I wish I could though.




I just kept walking, trying to block out all the things they yelled to me. I finally got to my first class, Math. Not my favourite but it's one of my good subjects. Then I have English, History then Gym.


This day went by pretty slow, concitering the fact that I was called any horrable name you could think of. Well time to head back home to where my parents hate me. At least I work tonight so I don't have to see them for awhile. I walked in the door to find my brothers and dad playing MW3 and my sisters and mum gossiping. Typical. I ran up the stair to change into my work clothes. I work at Jack Wills, we don't really have a uniform we just have to wear clothes from there.


I finished my shift at 9:30, or closing. I locked up the store and started heading home.

"HEY!" Some one yelled. I just kept walking.

"WAIT UP!" I stopped and turned arond to see some one running towards me. I started to prepair my self for the insalts, or being hit or any thing.

"I Saw that you dropped your phone so I wanted to give it back to you."

"" I said while he handed me my phone.

"I put my number in it if you want to talk or any thing.." He trailed of.

I nodded while putting my headphones in. So Small by Carrie Underwood came through the earbuds. Again I stared my way home, then I felt some one tap my shoulder. I turned around to find that guy again.

"Hey, it's me again."

"Sorry but I need to get home..."

I quickly ran into my house and shut the door. I could tell my brothers and sisters are all gone since their cars are gone. I hope mum and dad are out to.

"And where were you!?" Dad yelled.

"I-I was at work..." He just rolled his eyes. Mums fist soon made contact with my face, a few tears escaped. I got a couple kicks to the gut and a couple slaps then yelled at to go to my room. I got up and went to my room as fast as I could.

I locked my bedroom dorr, like always. I walked into my bathroom to see bruises already forming on my face, some spots blood is driping. I'm just going to clear this up now, my dad doesn't hit me he only yells at me, my mum is the one who did this. I slid down the bathroom wall, I lifted up my sleeve and just stared at the scars, 8 of them. The words just get to me, at school I try my best not to break down but as soon as I'm home I just fall apart. Maybe all of those things they say are true... no Ava, don't let them get to you. Just stay strong for a little bit longer.

I picked myself up from the floor and cleaned up my face and where ever was blood stained. I walked out of my bathroom, changed into some pyjamas then crawled into my bed. I hope I can actually get sleep tonight.

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