They Won't Know

Hey, my pal typed this on my ipod, I thought it was awesome so I decided to make it a movella and continue it maybe. I have tons of movellas on my list right now though, so this definitely isn't first priority. Codename, then When Two Lines Meet, and then Our Little Secret, and then My Little Valentine(Which you don't know about until now(X)
Of course, Hailey's movella is really important to read to me so I am always busy with that. :D (LOVE IT! READ IT!)
Yeah. So there. About the story it is.(:


2. Chapter Two

**One thing I forgot to mention, yeah, she swears when she writes, so you're gonna have to bear with me if you don't like swearing. I'm sorryyy to all my 'clean' viewers out there! :(**



"Hey hun! How was school?"

"It was fine dad, thanks." I throw my bag on the counter and pull a Pepsi out of the fridge.

"New friends?" He asks. I smile, thinking of Colton.

"Yeah. Lots of them."


I fall back on my bed after dinner and pull out my phone. Shit! I forgot to text Colton! I quickly go to new message.

To: Colton<3

I roll my eyes at the heart he put after his name and type the text.

Hey Colton! It's Sophie.

Oh hey Soph! I get butterflies in my stomach. I shake them off and roll my eyes. It's just you being nervous around a boy Sophie. Ignore it. Nothing special.

You really want me to send you taht picture?

Well yeah, I need to see that beautiful face every time you text me so I know I want to respond.  I smile at the sweet comment and send the picture.

Thanks Soph.

No problem.

So what are you doin?

Being bored.

Sounds fun.

Yeah, you know. I can practically feel his smile.

Well....since you're that bored, you can come over to the park with me and my buddies!  I bite my lip.

Colton, you know my parents rule.

They won't know.



I quickly walk across the busy street avoiding a car.  I run to the park across the street Colton lives on. I see his group of friend all messing around on the slide. I scan them for Colton. No where.

where are you?! I text him.

"Right here Soph." Someone whispers from behind me. I jump and push him playfully.

"Colton!" He laughs.

"Scare you Soph?"

"Yes!" He laughs and I laugh with him. He grabs my hand and pulls me over to his friends, my face a shade of bright pink.

"Guys this is Sophie." I wave at them. They all wave back. About seven boys and four girls. Two girls walk up to Colton after most leave.

"Well! Introduce us!" Colton rolls his eyes.

"Sophie, this is Hadley and Peton." The two blonds wave at me.  I smile and wave back.

"She's your girlfriend right Colt?" I blush and look at my sneakers. Colton chuckles cooly.

"No, not currently.  I shoot him a glare and he laughs.




I roll over and click off on my alarm. Another day at school. I hop in the shower and choose cute flower design jeans and a white t shirt.

"Sophie! Breakfast!"

"Coming!" My parents are always up before me.  They have to go to work before I head off to school. I sigh and pull on my convers. I grab my IPod and phone, and put in one of my earbuds. I listen to Perfect Two by Auburn. Love that song. I skip down the stairs and sit down in my chair at the table. My parents load on the pancakes. I eat them and head to school after they walk out.



"Heyyy!" Atalee and Brit come running up.

"Did you hear what Colton and his friends did last night?!"

"WHAT?!" I ask, pretending to sound shocked.

"They were hanging out at the park, and playing flashlight tag...WITH JORDAN." I gasp. Atalee nods and points to Jordan, hanging out with Colton and Company. I roll my eyes. Brit smiles at me. She saw. I smile back. Atalee turns back to look at us.

"Oh my gosh you guys. This is terrible. Ugh. Seriously."

"Well, guess we won't be talking to him anywmore." Says Brit sarcastically.

"Exactly! Not until he apologizes for socialzing wih the enemy and gives a good reason!" She nods and storms off. Brit rolls her eyes and follows after her. I stay and start to walk towards my locker.

"Soph!" I turn to Colton. He's smiling. I can't help but smile back.

"Hey Colton!"

"How has your day been?"

"I'm tired."

"Me too."

"Yeah..." It's quiet. Awkward. I bite my lip and rub the toe of my sneaker along the floor.

"You alright?" He asks.

"Yeah. Just awkward for a second there."

"Yeah." He says chuckling.

"COLTON! Dude! Get your ass over here! You don't want to make your girlfriend late to class too!" Colton grins and winks at me. He shouts back.

"She's not my girlfriend yet James! Shit!" The guy laughs and heads in another direction. Colton shakes his head. One word sticks out to me in his sentence. Yet. Yet?! "Sorry bout him...he doesn't get that you're just my best pal. Nothing more." My heart drops. No. Stop it Sophie. This blond haired, muscular, gorgeous...NO! STOP! He will not get to your head!

"It's fine! I totally get it..." He smiles and nods, but looks a little heart. Why?

"Guess I'll see you around then?"

"See you in eighth?"

"Right." out of no where, He hugs me.  I hug back, not knowing what to do.  He pulls away and heads off to class. I do the same. Gosh...I really need to figure that boy out.




After school, I head home and finish up the last of my homework.  I eat dinner and shower.  I completely ignore my now-blowing-up phone.  I check it right before bed. Four messages from Colton. I adore that kid. Two from Atalee. Six from Brit. Shit what did I do to make her text me? One from my dad.

From: Dad

Time for bed babes.

Alright dad.

from: Atalee

I don't get the homework for math. Help me if you want, and have time.

Nevermind, got it. I roll my eyes and move on to Colton, smiling like a fool in my pjs.

From: Colton<3

Hey Soph



Text you later then? :(  I smile. Oh Colton.

Goodnight Colton.  I send it and yawn.

I move on to Brit.

Hey girl!






sigh. fine. text my tomorrow im going to sleep. :/ 



Goodnight beautiful.  I smile and shut my phone, laying down, and closing my eyes. Sleep.



AHHHHHH! Almost the end of the week! Kinda. Not really.

"Sophie! Breakfast!" I sit up. I instantly feel dizzy. Ughhhh....

"Mom! I need your help!" I croak with a sore throat.

"Yes dear?" She asks as she enters the room.

"I feel head and stomach and throat hurt too."

"Oh great, you're sick.  I'll call the doctor and see when we can get you over there. No school. Stay in bed."

"Okay..." I say with a frown. She runs out. I lay back down. I'm almost instantly asleep.


The doctor gave me a few shots and some medicine. I have the flu. I sigh and try and sit up again. Nope. No luck. I sigh again and lay back down for the night. I'll feel better tomorrow.


I roll over and hit the alarm.  No flu today! I groan and pull myself out of bed. I reach for my phone as I eat breakfast. Four messages.

From: Colton<3

Good morning beautiful.(:

From: Atalee


From: Mom

Goodmorning sweetheart! Your dad and I are at the airport, planning a vacation for next week. Get all packed up to go to the cabin, no school today.

To: Mom

Alright, I'll do that right now. Thanks for telling me. :/

Great sweetie! See you in a while!  I smile.  No school two days in a row! Then my smile vanishes. No school Colton. I shake my head.

"Shut up Sophie! You don't like Colton! You don't develop crushes until you can at least have a guy FRIEND." I say to myself. I check the last text.

From: Brit


Hey! I'm not coming to school today, headed up to my cabin.

Oh sounds fun we'll miss you(:

miss you tooooo!  I smile to myself.



I step out of the shower. My phone buzzes. Why must I be so popular?!

From: Colton<3  I hit ignore and lock my phone. I get dressed and start packing. My phone buzzes again. And again. And again. I look at it.

4 From: Colton<3 I sigh and open it.

Where are you?

Soph I miss you please answer. :(   Damn damn butterflies...


Soph! Call me during lunch pleeeeeeaaaassseeeee! i really need to see you again! :(  I smile and respond.

I'll call you at lunch.

Thank you.

No problem. Now get back to doing your schoolwork! I chuckle to myself and zip up my suitcase. All packed.

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