They Won't Know

Hey, my pal typed this on my ipod, I thought it was awesome so I decided to make it a movella and continue it maybe. I have tons of movellas on my list right now though, so this definitely isn't first priority. Codename, then When Two Lines Meet, and then Our Little Secret, and then My Little Valentine(Which you don't know about until now(X)
Of course, Hailey's movella is really important to read to me so I am always busy with that. :D (LOVE IT! READ IT!)
Yeah. So there. About the story it is.(:


5. Chapter Five

During eighth period, we read. Atalee and Brit talk to the usual to me, and I play along. Then Colton sits next to me.  Atalee scoffs and turns around.

"Ugh." Colton smiles at Brit. She smiles back and winks, then pretends to roll her eyes and turns around. I turn to Colton when I'm sure they aren't looking.  he grins at me and I grin back.  I feel him wrap his fingers around mine under the desks.

We hold hands secretly the whole class period.


After the school I put in an earbud and listen to One Direction. Colton was talking with his friends when I left. I don't mind. I keep walking. Suddenly someone picks me up from behind and spins me around.

"Colton! Put me down!" I say, giggling and holding onto his arms for support. he sets my down and buries his nose in my neck. I can't stop blushing. I suddenly see my car driving down the road.

"SHIT! COLTON! HIDEEE!!!" I push him into a bush and wave at my dad as he pulls over.

"Hey sweetheart! I'm headed out to the grocery store. Need anything?" I shake my head. "Alright. You can head out if you want. I'll be home at ten, so be sure and be back by then okay?" I nod. He drives away. As soon as he turns the corner, Colton is hugging me again. I giggle. 

"So that means you are staying with me until ten. I'm canceling my plans with my friends." I turn to face him. He sets his forehead against mine with a smirk.

"Says who?"

"You're dad." I smile, which soon turns into a frown.

"But he can't know I'll be dead! And what if Atalee or one o-"

"They won't know."


My new words to live by.




We walk up to Colton's little house. Cute and cozy. His mom is outside.

"Hi mom!" Colton doesn't drop my hand.  I get nervous.  Do I drop his hand? Do I keep holding onto it?

"Hi Colton! And...?"

"Oh! Hi, Mrs. Michaels, I'm Sophie."

"Please, call me Susan. I made a pie, you can head in and eat it if you want. I'll be right in!" We smiles and Colton opens the door for me.

"You want pie?" He pulls me into the kitchen and pulls out a chair for me. I smile and take a seat. He pulls out a knife and plate.

"I'll take a little...not a ton."

"You want a share?" I nod and he sets a plate down. I look at him. He looks up at me and smiles. I reach out and touch his dimple. He grins showing his teeth.  His mom walks in. I take my hand away and she giggles at us.

"You guys are really cute." He smiles at her.

"Thanks!" I exclaim. 

She talks to me about where I'm from and my family and life when Colton picks me up, holding onto my waist with his hands.

"Colton!" I giggle. "Put my down!" He sets me on the counter and kisses my chin. I smile as he holds my hips and forks up a piece of pie to feed me.  "Thank you Colton."

"No problem baby." In this moment, there is nothing but me and this boy. He is my everything. My boy. My boyfriend. I blush as bright as a tomato.

"AWH!" I am snapped back into reality as his mom rushes out the door. "I'm going out, I'll be back around midnight, maybe eleven. I trust you won't do anything serious." We nod. She leaves. Colton takes a bite of pie. We hear the front door close. I glance at the clock.

"What do you want to do?"

"Um..." I look around. "Movie marathon?" He flashes me a smile.

"Alright. I'll go get a blanket and some snacks, you go pick a movie from the cabinet." He lifts me up and sets me down on the ground again. He heads up to get a blanket and I head to the cabinet. I grab a few scary movies.

"Babe did you pick a movie?" Colton asks as he heads into the kitchen for popcorn.

"Yuuup!" He walks out and puts everything next to me on the couch. He puts the movie in and sits down next to me as it starts. I am cuddled up into the blanket. I cuddle into him and he wraps an arm around me, gripping my hand with the other. The movie starts and I hold my breath.


I yawn and roll over.

"Mm...Soph..." I smile and kiss his collarbone, being the closet thing to my mouth. "Morning." He whispers. Wow, that morning voice. 

"Morning." I say with a giggle.

"Actually, it's about eleven." Says Mrs. Michaels. I shoot up and fall off the couch, scrambling to pick everything up.

"WHAT?! Colton! You let me fall asleep!"

"Shit!" He falls off the couch and onto the table, still being half asleep.  "Hurry pull your shoes on!" We both scramble to pull them on and run out the door across the street.

"Bye Colton."

"Text me tomorrow?"

"Promise." I kiss his chin and he groans.

"No goodnight kiss?!" I grin and kiss him softly. I feel his hands on my cheeks, warm against them. We pull away and stand forehead to forehead, hand in hand. "Goodnight baby." He whispers.

"Goodnight colton." I start to pull away when he pulls me back in and kisses me again. I kiss back until he pulls away. "Goodnight Colton!!" I say through a giggle. He bites his lip before quickly kissing me one last time.

"Alright alright. I'm done. Night Soph." I smile. I hug him tightly and he kisses the top of my head. "Bye." He whispers.









Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x
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