They Won't Know

Hey, my pal typed this on my ipod, I thought it was awesome so I decided to make it a movella and continue it maybe. I have tons of movellas on my list right now though, so this definitely isn't first priority. Codename, then When Two Lines Meet, and then Our Little Secret, and then My Little Valentine(Which you don't know about until now(X)
Of course, Hailey's movella is really important to read to me so I am always busy with that. :D (LOVE IT! READ IT!)
Yeah. So there. About the story it is.(:


8. Chapter Eight

Sorry. Needed to take a break, cuz I was crying. I am into this book. Geese. Alright. I can continue, I read ahead, and I'm alright now. Haha!


The next day I wake up with tear streaks and mascara down my face. I groan and roll over, hitting something hard...or muscular.

"Ow..." I moan.

"Sorry babe, didn't know you were awa-" I shoot up.


"Shit! What are you okay?!" I hug his neck tightly and sob into him. "Soph?!"

"I'm-I'm fine. I thought I l-lost you forever."

"No, shh, it was just a bad dream." He says, rubbing my back.

"How long have I been here?!" I look around. I'm in a room I've never seen before. "And where the hell am I?!" He chuckles.

"My room."

"When did I get up here?!"

"You passed out after our chase. I carried you home, and your mom said to take you back to my house, and she would make up an excuse after I explained everyth-"


"She's fine with it! She says that she always wanted you to have a guy friend, and a boyfriend was even better." I sit in shock. What?! She's alright with this?!


"She said she would call us in about an hour or so." He mumbles, burying his face into my hair. He sighs and wraps his arms around my waist. I smile and put my hands on his. "What do you want to do?"


"Nothing?" He asks.


"Does that mean sit here and cuddle? Does it mean watch a movie and cuddle? Does it mean talk and cuddle?" I giggle.

"You must like cuddling." He shrugs.

"I'm in the mood." He digs deeper into my neck with his nose and I grin. My phone starts to ring.

"Hello? " I grumble.

"Sophie! Are you alright? You're with Colton?"


"Are you with Colton?!"

"Yes! Yes I'm with Colton!"


"Uhh...what's the plan?"

"Do you think you could stay with Colton for maybe a week or so? I told your dad we are going on vacation for his birthday and I sent you to a freind's for a week. Is that alright with Colton?"

"Let me ask him."

"Alright." I cover the phone.

"Colton?" He looks at me with sleepy eyes and I grin.

"Yes baby?" I blush and he smiles.

"Do you think I could stay with you for maybe a week or so?" He smiles as big as I've ever seen him smile.

"Only if you want." I turn back around and he retreats to my neck again.


"That was sweet..." She sighs. I giggle.

"You heard all of that?"

"Hi Julie!"

"Hi Colton! And yes hun, I did hear all of it."

"She says hi back. " I whisper to Colton.

"So it's okay?" Asks mum.


"Okay! I'll check up on you when I can!"

"Alright! Bye mom!"

"Bye babes!" She says. I hang up and turn around in his arms. He opens his eyes again and yawns. I giggle. He smiles against my smile.

"So you're staying?"

"Of course." He smiles and then kisses me all over my face. I giggle uncontrollably.

"Colton?! Sophie?! What are you guys doing in there?!" I smile.

"Nothing mom!" Colton moans. She bursts through the door.

"Okay, that is the cutest thing ever." Colton groans and rolls off the bed, walking towards the door.

"I'm headed to the shower. Anyone care to join me?" His mom smacks his back and he jumps and grins.

"Nawh, I'm good. Thanks for asking." I mumble. He winks and then walks out. His mom leaves the room after a small conversation, and I put my hair up. I walk outside the bathroom door. I shout through it. "Hey baby?"

"Yes my Soph?" I smile.

"Can I borrow some shorts and a sweatshirt?"

"Whatever you want! I'll take you shopping after I get ready, get you some new stuff." I giggle and walk to his dresser. Well there's shorts. I look in a couple drawers. No. I look in his closet. No sweatshirt. I look through his dirty clothes. Nope. I grumble to myself and walk downstairs.

"Mrs. Michaels?"

"Call me Susan hun!"

"Right, do you know where Colt keeps his sweatshirts?"

"I think there's one in the laundry room. Right down that hall to the right." She looks up from making eggs and points down that hall.

"Thank you!"

"No problem." I walk down and open the door. There's a sweatshirt hanging right on the hook. It's purple, Colton's favorite color. How do I know that? Whatever. I pull it on. I walk back up to Colton and sit down on his bed. He walks out with jeans hanging low on his waist, shirt slung over his shoulder, shaking his hair dry with a towel. I almost die right there.

Those ABS.

I smile as he grabs a snapback and sits down next to me. He grabs myhand.

"What do you want to do?" I ask. "Nothing?"

"Nope." He pulls me up.

"Then what?" He pulls me into his chest and wraps his arms around my neck, resting his chin on the top of my head.

"I have a few ideas..."



We walk down the stairs to a perfectly laid out breakfast and sit down, waiting for Susan to join us. Colton grabs my hand under the table, resting against my thigh, just as she walks in.

"Sorry I took a while I just needed to finish up some laundry." She takes a seat and smiles at us. "Go ahead and take what you want!" Colton shovels on some pancakes and bacon. He puts syrup on both. I go eggs and bacon. I put ketchup on my eggs.

"Sorry I'm late." A man kisses Susan on the cheek and puts his suitcase on the counter. He then moves over to the table and takes a seat next to Susan. He doesn't even glance at me or Colton.  It's silent as we all eat.

Well, this is awkward.

Is that Colton's dad? Colton coughs. The man looks up. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. He look nothing like Colton, who is dark and keeps to himself.

"Colton." He nods. Colton just looks at him. Doesn't say a word. It's Susan's turn to clear her throat.

"Colton? Why don't you introduce Sophie?"

"Right." Mumbles Colton. The man just keeps staring. They exchange cold looks. "This is Sophie my-"

"Friend?" Colton glares at him. He holds up my hand entwined with his.

"Girl. Friend." He says through gritted teeth. His dad looks at me. I smile. He gives me a grin then rolls his eyes and looks back to Colton.

"You could do so much better."

"Steven!" Colton and his mom both yelp. I just sit there. I glance between the three family members. Something had to have happened to Colton and his dad for them to treat each other this way. Colton tugs on my hand. I stand with him.

"Excuse us." I mumble to Susan. She nods with her hand over her eyes as Colt pulls me to the grage. As we plop down in his car, he start it up.

"Where are we going?" He smiles.

"First McDonalds, I didn't get to finish my pancake." I roll my eyes.


"It's a surprise." I grin back and kiss his nose. Then I buckle up and he backs out.



"Hey guys!"

"Oh my gosh! Hey!" Hadley gives me a hug. Peyton runs up behind her and gives Colt a hug. We switch.

"What are you doing here?!" Asks Hadley. Colton glances at me.  I smile, telling him it's okay to answer her question.

"Date." He says it barely audible, which is normal talking volume, considering we are in a mall.  Hadley and Peyton stare wide eyed open mouthed.

"WE KNEW IT!" They high five. I giggle.

"You can't tell anyone! Only my parents, her mom, and Brit know."

"Like...the Brit?" I give them a weird glance.

"Yeah." Colton says smiling, but rolling his eyes. Hadley and Peyton laugh.

"He had a crush on her in sixth grade!" Says Peyton between laughs. I giggle along with them. Colton shakes his head.

"But not anymore!" He says through a groan.

"Oh really?" Says Hadley. I look at him.

"Yup. Just my Sophie." I resist smiling and he gives me a quick peck on the lips.





"It's a long story." Mumbles Colt against my smile. His dark eyes are closed. That's when I realize, they weren't dark before. They were bright blue. Now they are almost black, taking on a navy color.  I pull away.

"One made for shopping."


After twelve stores, we finally stop for ice cream and lunch, bags surrounding our table. Colton orders while Hadley, Peyton and I all talk about where to go next.

"Abercrombie and Fitch it is!" Announces Peyton proudly. Hadley groans.

"So how long have you guys been this cute?" She asks after she's done complaining.

"Hmm...about three days?"

"Yup." Says Colton as he takes a seat next to me. He sets the food down and kisses my cheek before grabbing my hand under the table and putting a slice of pizza on his plate.

"And when did you first kiss?"

"The first thing we did was kiss." Mumbles Colton, shrugging. UI giggle.

"It's kinda true too."


"Abercrombie and Fitch next Colt." He groans.

"Alright, whatever floats your bota." I kiss his chin and whisper a thank you in his ear.

He hasn't let us girls buy one thing with our money. It's all with his. And he won't let us buy the things on sale either. He's such a good boyfriend it's ridiculous. He grips my hand and gives me a bite of his pizza.

"Okay, you guys are seriously the cutest thing on the planet." I smile and Colton brushes his smile against my right ear.

"Well ready to head out?" I ask Colton. He takes another bite of pizza and pulls me up.

"Yup. Let's go." We head out to find A&F.


Bear with me owlz, a huge secret is about to burst out of it's bubble.[:

In a few chapters.

I think.


Luf Yewh My Little Owlz[x
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