They Won't Know

Hey, my pal typed this on my ipod, I thought it was awesome so I decided to make it a movella and continue it maybe. I have tons of movellas on my list right now though, so this definitely isn't first priority. Codename, then When Two Lines Meet, and then Our Little Secret, and then My Little Valentine(Which you don't know about until now(X)
Of course, Hailey's movella is really important to read to me so I am always busy with that. :D (LOVE IT! READ IT!)
Yeah. So there. About the story it is.(:


1. Chapter one

Just breath.


Count to ten.


Everything is going to be fine.


They won't ever find out.




No, I don't promise.


I swear.


On my life.







I walk to my first period class and seat myself next to a girl with bleached blond hair and pink tips. She doesn't look at me. I roll my eyes and clear my throat.


"EHEM. Excuse me, I'm Sophie." She glances and me and takes a loud chomp of gum.


"Nice to meet you Atalee."

"You too, I guess. You new here?" I nod. She smiles. Her eyes are a really bright green. A boy takes a seat on the opposite side of Atalee. She glances at him. "Ph hey Jordan."

"Hey! Who's the freak?" I look him over with a glare plastered on my face.  He has brown hair and eyes. He is smiling, more like smirking, and has a ton of overdue homework on his desk. I smile.

"Sophie. I'm new. You're Jordan...?"

"Yup." He says, popping the P. I nod and the bell goes off. I turn my attention to the stupid teacher.




Atalee has second period with me. She goes to drop off her things and grab her other textbook and I do the same.  When I say goodbye to the two of them, I turn and head towards my locker.  I run straight into something tall and muscular.

"Ow! Oh my gosh, I'm sorry I need to pay-" I drift off, staring into his bright bright blue eyes. He smiles.


"Oh, yeah. Right. Better pay attention."  I lok away and tuck my hair behind my ear, feeling really insecure under his gaze.

"So you're the new girl." I nod.


"Colton." I smile, biting my lip.  He gives me a grin back, complete with a dimple in his right cheek.

"Yo! Colton! We need to get to class before we get another detention!" He jumps up and hands me my books.


"No problem Soph." He says with a wink. Then he turns and walks away, joining a group of boys. I can't help but blush at my new nickname as his blond hair disappears into the group of people waiting for him in the hallway.


The bell rings right as I take a seat next to Atalee. She's talking to another girl about a boy she obviously doesn't like. The girl isn't paying attention, and seems annoyed.

"He's just too cocky, ya know? It wasn't okay the way he acted." The other girl nods and keep writing things down on her paper.

"Who are you guys talking about? Jordan maybe?" Atalee laughs at me.

"Colton! Why would we talk about Jor that way?" No. It can't be. Can it? The Colton I just met? But he seemed so sweet...

"What does he...look like?" I gulp down the ball in my throat.  The other girl giggles.

"Blond hair, blue eyes, pretty tall..." Oh, it's definitely him. I frown.


"I almost forgot! Sophie, this is Brittney. We usually just call her Brit."

"Hi Sophie!" She shakes my hand. I smile. She has light brown wavy hair, and chocolate eyes. I pull my hand away and the teacher starts class.



At lunch, I gather what I want to eat and sit down at the table.  Atalee, Jordan, Brit, Josh,(Brit's BF) and some girl named Kaleya are all gathered around it. I have at least two of them in all of my classes, and in the last period, all of them, including Colton.

"Hey Sophie!"

"Hey guys." I plop down next to Kaleya and take a bite of mashed poptatoes.  Josh and Brit are whispering to each other. I grin at how cute they are and keep eating.

"Ugh there they are." Everyone looks at the table just sitting down behind Atalee.  I scan through the table. Classic. Girls who wear too much makeup, the jocks, the skaters, and the mischief makers.  But my eye catches on one in particular. Colton. He's laughing at something someone said.  He catches my eye and winks before sitting down.  I shake my head.

"Why do you guys hate them so much?" I ask, focusing back on my food.

"Long story." Answers Atalee matter of factly.  I nod and take a few more bites while they gossip about that table.


After school, I walk home.  I turn a corner and put in an earbud, instantly turning on One Direction.

"Hey! Soph! Wait up!" Soph? Only one person...I turn to see Colton. He's jogging to catch up to me.

"You walk home?" I ask him. He nods.


"Oh." I mumble.

"Mind if I join you?"

"No, not at all." OF COURSE! Have you not noticed my friend hate you?! I've heard stories about what this kid does in his spare time...I'm worried.

"Where do you live?"

"Down the street away. Maple?" I ask suspiciously.

"Really?! I live down there!" Great. Just what I needed.

"Oh. Cool." I sigh and kick a rock.

"So how was your first day at the prison?" I giggle despite my feelings towards him and kick another rock.

"It was alright. Made a few friends."

"Really. Who?"

"Brit, Josh, Atalee, Jordan, Kaleya.." He sticks out his bottom lip.

"No Colton?" I just giggle again. "So you're hanging out with them?"

"Yeah. Should I know anything about them? They've sure said some things about you."

"That's exactly what you should know about them. Atalee is known for her gossiping." It's silent for aminute. "What did they way about me?" I bit my lip.

"Some not very nice things."

"Like what?" He asks, adjusting his backpack and biting his lip.


Like you're a player.


Like you host all the parties.


Like you smoke weed.


Like you have four girlfriend, all on different continents.

"Uh, apperently you're a player?" He laughs at my comment.

"Classic. Actually, you'd be surprised. I have only ever had one girlfriend my whole entire life. And she cheated on me."

"They say you're a bully." He cringes at that.

"I sure hope I'm not." It's quiet. I kick another rock. I can see the turn into my neighborhood. Getting close.

"I didn't get a chance to say sorry for running into you earlier."

"Oh, no, it's fine really. I'm not hurt or anything."

"We'll I'm still sorry anyway." I nod and blush, looking at the ground. We reach the turn to my neighborhood.

"This is my turn." He smiles.

"I'm over there." He points to across the street, just the neighborhood across the busy road, across from the park.

"Well, guess I'll see you round then." He shakes his head.

"A true gentlemanalways walks the lady to the door." I smile.

"I wish I could say yes, but I'm not even aloud to have a guy friend. So I have to say no. Sorry." He smiles and nods.

"See you later then?"

"Yeah." I turn to walk away, but he grabs my hand. I get a tingly feeling that from my finger tips that travels up my spine and reaches my cheeks.

"Hold on a second." I turn back to look at him.  "Let me see your phone." I hand it to him. He types in his name and takes a picture.  "There. Make sure to text me later." I nod and smile. He takes a picture of me and then hands it to me. "And don't forget to send me that one for your contacts." He whispers in my ear. I blush really hard and turn and walk down my street.



There you go, took me like twenty minutes to type that up..SPEEDYYY.(;



YOu like?

Yes, I'm sure you do.(X

Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x
~$WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@

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