Book 3: The Love of an Angel

Callie got another chance at life, but she's not alive, she's an angel. She was allowed to go back to to Earth and try to make Louis happy again. But he has to remember her on his own. She had to change her name and appearance, but she still has the same personality. Will Louis be able to remember Callie with just seeing her personality?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


23. Chapter 23

It's been about three days since Izzy got sick. She's been taking the medicine daily, so it's kind of going away. "Louis!" Izzy calls from right next to me. I seriously think she's high, she's been screaming almost everything she says.

"Yes?" I answsr.

"I'm hungry, can you get a snack for me." She asks.

I look at her, then down at her lap. She had a bag of potato chips in her lap, it wasn't even opened yet. "You have a snack in your lap,"

She looks down, and sees it. "Oh.. I feel stupid now."

I laugh,"I think you're going crazy."

She looks at me and squints her eyes, "And why do you think that?"

"Well.. Uhm.. You know, you've been screaming a lot." I say in a duh tone.

She looks at me seriously, "Does this sound like screaming to you?"

"I'm not talking about now,"

"Well maybe I am crazy!" She says opening her eyes really big.

I laugh, "I think you are."

She laughs and then opens her chips, she offers me and I take. We continue to eat the chips, and make jokes at the same time. Everyone else was somewhere other than here. Liam and Michelle were in the little museum they had on the ship, it had small sculptures of different types of fishes and stuff. Izzy and I went along with them Yesterday, it was boring, so we came home. But Liam and Michelle went today because they were actually interested in it.

Carson and Harry were in the pool, as they would always be. I bet by the time we come home they'll look like old people. Niall and Bella were also with them. And as for Zayn and Katy, I have no idea what they were doing. They left and said what they were doing was private, but I know they're probably at the pool. Last time they didn't want to say what they were doing, we figured out that they were at the pool.

"Do you think you're still sick?" I ask.

Izzy crushes up the bag that the chips were in, and throws it in the rubbish bin at the side of the bed. "No, not really. I haven't been sneezing a lot."

"That's good, what do you wanna do now?" I ask.

She shrugs, "I don't know, whatever you want to do. As long as it's not going to the pool."

She never likes going to the pool, I'd always be alone when we go. "What's so wrong with the pool?" I ask. "I don't think they have sgarks in it,"

She looks at me with a 'Really?' expression on her face. "Yeah, because they'd put sharks in a pool on a ship, right?"

"How am I supposed to know?" I say. "I'm just trying to figure out why you don't want to go in the pool, that's all."

"I think it's because of the sharks, duh!" She says, sarcastically.

I laugh, "I'm serious. Why don't you want to go? Who doesn't like going to the pool?"

"Me," She says raising her hand.

My face drops, "Really?" She just smiles, "Well let's go find Liam and Michelle?"

"Okay!" She agrees. "Are we going to annoy them?"

"Wait! Let's find Zayn and Katy! We'll split up and search, text me if you find them."

"Yay! This is gonna be fun!" She cheers.

We dash for the door, and start pur search. I go to the pool, and Izzy goes in the opposite direction. I reached the pool and see Harry, Carson, Niall and Bella. I asked if any of them knew where Zayn and Katy were, Harry said they might be with Michelle and Liam. I say thanks, then went in the direction of the little museum, where Michelle and Liam were.

When I was about to enter, my phone vibrated. I checked it and saw it was a text from Izzy, it read "Found them! ^-^"

I stopped by the door, and replied. "Where r u!?"

I then went into the museum, I automatically felt bored. I walked around to find Michelle and Liam. My phone vibrates again, "In the museum, we're at the giant sea shell, come quick!"

When I was about to reply, another message popped up, "Need directions?"

I quickly replied, and being my witty self, I said, "I'm from 1 direction, i dont think i need directions ;)"

But I really needed directions though! I kept walking around the museum looking for a giant sea shell, while waiting on Izzy's reply. My phone vibrated, and the message popped up, "Lol, sure about that? U look pretty lost xD"

I pressed reply, and said, "Omg, u c me!? Where are u?? o_o"

"At the giant sea shell, remember? ;)"

"Fine I need directions D:"

"Haha, look straight ahead :)" I look up and walked straight ahead. I then see Izzy with Katy. I roll my eyes and walked over to them.

"Well hi there!" Katy greets with a smile. "Mr. One Direction doesn't need directions, huh?"

Izzy laughs, "At least he found his way."

I roll my eyes, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Where's Zayn?"

Katy shrugs, "Beats me. He left to go to the bathroom, and never came back."

"Maybe he's gonna sneak up behind you and scare you," I say, seeing Zayn behind Izzy and Katy.

Katy spins around and sees Zayn. Zayn tries to pretend he wasn't doing anything, and I just burst out in laughter. "Thanks for sellinge out Lou," He says.

"Welcome!" I say giving him a thumbs up.

"What were you going to do?" Katy asks.

"Nothing," Zayn says, smiling innocsently.

Katy laughs, "Whatever you say hun!"

Katy turns back around and looks at me, "So what brings you two here?"

I look at Izzy, meaning for her to explain. She rolls her eyes, "We got bored and decided to hunt for you guys."

Zayn laughs, "I don't think we were playing hide and seek."

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