Book 3: The Love of an Angel

Callie got another chance at life, but she's not alive, she's an angel. She was allowed to go back to to Earth and try to make Louis happy again. But he has to remember her on his own. She had to change her name and appearance, but she still has the same personality. Will Louis be able to remember Callie with just seeing her personality?

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22. Chapter 22

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the medical room?" I ask Izzy.

She seems sick, her head has been burning up and she's been sneezing a lot.

"Yeah--" She cuts short and sneezes. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Izzy you're burning up," I say puttin my hand to her forehead.

"We should call a doctor, she might have the flu." Carson says.

"No guys, I'm fine." Izzy says. "I'm just going--" Sneeze.

"Izzy we're taking you to a doctor, now." I say getting up and pulling her off of the bed.

"I don't know where the Medical Room is, so I suggest someone comes with me 'fore I get lost."

Liam gets up from his bed and offers to come along with me. I hold Izzy's hand and Liam leads us to the medical room. He apperantly knows where everything is. I bet if he wasn't with us we'd get lost most of the time. We walked to the end of the ship and there was a side staircase there. Liam goes up and I follow him. When we arrive to the top of the ship, websee three rooms. On one of them it had 'Captain' and on the one next to it it said 'Co-captain.' Liam passed those three doors and went to the one marked, 'Medic.'

He knocks on the door lightly, but there's no answer. Is this doctor awake? It's 10:00 in the morning, they shouldn't be asleep. Liam knocks again, and still no answer. As Liam was about to knock again the door slowly opened, a girl who looked to be about 18 comes out. "Hello there, how might I help you?" She asks politely.

When I was about to explain what happened to Izzy, she sneezed. "Is she getting a little cold?" The girl asks,

"We think so, or the flu." Liam explains.

"Okay, then come on in." She says opening the door, inviting us in.

The girl tells Izzy to sit on the little bed, and she does. Liam and I take a seat on the two chairs next to the bed, and we wait on the girl. She goes to a room at the back of the office and closes the door behind her. A while after she comes out with another man. "Hello," The man greets us with a smile.

"How are you guys doing today?" He asks. He was wearing a green shirt, with green pants, and a long white lab coat over it. His shoes were also white; typical outfit for a doctor. But on the other hand, Martha was in casual clothing. She was wearing a teal spaghetti strapped top, along with denim shorts and teal sandals. I'll take a guess and say that's the doctor's daughter.

"Fine," I reply.

"Same," Liam says. Izzy doesn't say anything though.

"Good, good. Well I am Dr. Martin, and this is my daughter Matilda." He introduces. And I was right! It is his daughter. "So what's the problem?"

"Well, we think our friend here might be getting sick." Liam answers.

"And why is that?"

"Well, ever since last night she's been sneezing a lot. And also, her head is getting really hot."

"Oh," He simply says taking out a notepad.

He walks up the bed, where Izzy was, and smiles at her. "Hi there, and what is your name?" He asks politely. 

"I'm Isabella," She replies.

"Okay, Isabella, how are you feeling?"

"Not so good," 

Dr. Martin takes her temperature, and writes down a few thing on his notepad. He then discussed what happened to her, and we figured out it was just a little cold. He said that she probably got it from being outside late at night, because it gets really cold at night here. He gave us a bottle of medicine that she should drink in order to get rid of it. I take the bottle from the doctor, and read the back of it while Liam talked more with the doctor. 

At the back it said that she would have to take a tea spoon each day for a week, and it would go away. It might go away before though, or after, whatever.

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