Book 3: The Love of an Angel

Callie got another chance at life, but she's not alive, she's an angel. She was allowed to go back to to Earth and try to make Louis happy again. But he has to remember her on his own. She had to change her name and appearance, but she still has the same personality. Will Louis be able to remember Callie with just seeing her personality?

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21. Chapter 21

The sun shone through the window next to the bed, beaming straight on my face. I had my right arm wrapped around Izzy, while she rested her head on my chest. I blinked my eyes open, and slowly reached for my phone. It was in the pocket of my Hollister sweater, which I was too lazy to take off last night. I was still a bit cold, so I didn't even bother.

My vision was blurry, so I couldn't really see the phone screen. I closed my eyes tight, and then open them again to see if that would help. It didn't do a lot, but I could see my screen now. I checked the time, and saw that it was 7:08 a.m. How the heck did I get up this early? I put my phone back, and turn my head to the side to see evryone else still asleep. Well this is surprising..

Izzy moves around a little, and she yawns. At least someone else is up! "Morning sleeping beauty," I smile at her.

"Hi," She says closing her eyes,

"Are you seriously going back to sleep Izzy?"

"I'm tired, Lou." She says sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

I sit up, and yawn, while running my hand through my hair. Izzy's eyes kepy closing shut, and her head is slowing falling down. I can't help but laugh, but I try to hold it in. "You look like you're gonna fall down any minute," I say out loud.

She raises her head up, and looks completely lost, "What?" She says.

I just laugh and pull her close to me, embracing her in a heart-warming hug. "Wanna just sleep the whole day then?" I ask.

She doesn't answer, I'm guessing she fell asleep already. I lay back down with Izzy wrapped in my arms, and just stare up at the ceiling.


"So what now?" Carson asks Harry. Harry was in the pool braced up to the end of it, and Carson was sitting on the side of the pool, with her legs hanging in.

"I don't know, we can just all hang out here, I don't mind." Harry replies.

"Yeah, let's do that. By the time we come out of the pool, we might age 30 years." Bella says sarcastically.

"No need for the sarcasm Bel," Niall says.

"Too bad." She says sticking her tongue out at Niall.

Where is Izzy? I just realized she was gone. I got up and said I would be right back, and then left to go find Izzy.

I went into our room to see if she was still here, and she was. "What are you still doing in here? You don't wanna come to the pool with us?" I ask her. She was writin something on a little paper, and she didn't even look up at me. Did she even hear me?

"Izzy?" I say walking over to her. "Hey, are you ignoring me?"

"Lord Jesus! Louis, don't startle me like that." She says.

"You didn't heare from the door?" I ask taking a seat on the bed.

"No, sorry."

"You don't want to come out with everyone else?" I ask.

"No, I'm good. You don't have to stay here with me, you can go, I'll stay here."

"What are you writing there?" I ask referring to the paper she was writing on.

"I'm just doodling," She laughs.

"Aren't you bored in here?"

"Louis, why do you keep questioning me? I'm fine, just go back out and have fun." She says smiling.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Lou, go." She then gets up at pushes me out of the room. I stayed by the door, and asked one more time, "Are you sure?"

"Go," She says looking up at me.

"Fine, bye." I say leaning down and giving her a quick kiss.

I leave and go back with everybody else. "Where's Izzy, Lou?" Michelle asks.

"In the room, she doesn't want to come out."

"Why not?" Katy asks.

"I don't know," I shrug.


Nine more chapters to go guys!!! Let's see what twists and turns we'll have in the last nine chappies :D And I hope my writer's block goes away, so I can make it a little exciting D:

So anyway, I got a new song for you guys to listen to!! The song is Carry You by Union J. They are also a British boy band who were on X Factor. I haven't heard a lot of their songs, but this one is just beautiful. The message he give is just so heart-warming

~JoJo <3

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