Book 3: The Love of an Angel

Callie got another chance at life, but she's not alive, she's an angel. She was allowed to go back to to Earth and try to make Louis happy again. But he has to remember her on his own. She had to change her name and appearance, but she still has the same personality. Will Louis be able to remember Callie with just seeing her personality?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


14. Chapter 14

Hey, sorry for not updating. But I will try to update at least once a week :)


"You really aren't!" I say.

"Hearing it a million times wouldn't make me believe you," Izzy replies.

"What do I have to do for you to believe me?" I ask as we enter the living room, seeing everyone was watching a movie and Liam now joined them.

"Nothing, I just never will."

"What's up with you two?" Zayn asks, as Izzy and I take a seat.

"He thinks-"

"She thinks she can't sing, but if you heard her upstairs, she was great!" I sat, cutting Izzy off.

She gives me the evil eye, then turns back forward. "I honestly can't." She defends.

"Just forget it Louis, you'll never win that fight." Harry says.

"How would you know?" I ask.

"I've been through it with her a million times." He says pointing to Carson.

"It's not nice to point fingers Harry." Carson warns.

"I'm sorry, forgive me?" He asks.

"You're forgiven," She replies, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Get a room!" Niall and Bella say in sync.

"You should be talking," Michelle says to them.

Niall was laying flat on the floor with Bella cuddled in his arms.

"Shut up Michelle, don't change this to us now. If you want to switch, look at Katy and Zayn, at least we're not making out." Bella says.

Everyone diverts their attention to Zayn and Katy who were in a little corner at the edge of the room. As soon as they heard what Bella says they backed away. "Why is everyone staring at us?" Zayn ask as if nothing happened.

"Oh, you know.. You guys were kinda making a nice scene there." Izzy says.

She has gotten more confident around us now. Normally she would never talk to anyone but me and Carson. I guess she feels close to Carson now, at least she has a friend she can hang out with, that is a girl at least.

"Well sorry..." Katy apologizes.

"Hey, Michelle?" Carson calls.


"Remember that new series you're starring in? Can we like have a little view of it before it premieres? Pleeeease?" Carson begs.

"I don't wanna sell out any information right now, you guys will just have to wait." Michelle replies.

"Please Michelle!" Katy pleads.

"Fine, but I'll just give you guys the introduction to it."

The girls cheer a 'yay,' then Michelle starts. "Well basically, it's about a girl who's always in her house, she never goes outside and stuff. She was home schooled, and she really knows nothing about the outside world, which is why it's called "Life Outside My Bedroom." And then one day she had to attend a public high-school, and then she'll experience the world. That's all you can hear now."

"So what part are you playing?" Izzy asks.

"Oh, I'm the main character's older sister, I'm the social one who's always out. So we're kind of opposite. Also, she's more of a tomboy, while I'm the girly girl."



"Guys guess what!" Liam says as he comes off of the phone. "We're getting a 2 month break, and Paul got a cruise for us!"

Everyone cheers, and with this many of us, it was pretty loud. "So when are we leaving!?" I ask.

"He said we can leave tomorrow or the day after. The cruise is totally private, for all of us specially."

"Including Michelle, right?" Bella asks.

"Probably, he did say all of our friends. So everyone here."

"Oh, okay." Bella replies.

"So um... I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight guys." Michelle says.

"You can stay with Liam, 'cause everyone else has someone in their room." Harry says.

"Okay, is that okay with you Liam?" She asks Liam.

"Uh.. Yeah it's totally fine," He says smiling.

"Thanks Li," She says returning the smile.

"Need help carrying your things up?"

"Yeah, kinda." She says laughing a bit.

"Okay, I'll help you. Let's go." He says taking her bags and heading upstairs.

ו×Michelle's POVו×

Liam took my bags and headed upstairs, while I followed him. He has changed quite a bit from the last time I've seen him. If I could keep up with all the 1D stuff that happens, I would, but I just can't; my stylists sometimes fills me in on new stuff that happens. The last thing she told me was about Callie's death, and then she had to quit because she got pregnant, and needed to take care of her new born. And the new stylist I have is way too busy to tell me anything.

"You cut your hair?" I ask Liam as he sets my bags down in his room.

I liked his hair before, when it was nice and curly and I could ruffle up his hair. I miss that. But it looks like it's growing back little by little now.

"Yeah, I kinda regret it though." He says, chuckling.

"So why'd you do it in the first place?" I ask, returning the laugh.

"Honestly, I don't know."

"I liked it before," I say pouting.

"It'll grow back, don't worry." He says smiling.

I return he smile, and take a seat on his bed. There was a couch in the room, I think I'll sleep there, I don't wanna put Liam out. "So, I can make a little bed on that couch there, kay?"

"No, no, it's fine. I won't mind sharing my bed with you, it is a pretty big bed by the way." He replies joining me on the bed.

"You're sure I won't be putting you out?"

"No, it's fine. I get lonely sometimes and now I can have company."

I smile, "Thanks.."

Everything seems to start going in slow motion now as Liam and I lean in, getting closer and closer. We were now mere centimeters apart, and our lips slightly brush against each other. I close my eyes, and fill the gap between us. Liam puts his hand by my waist and deepens the kiss, I go along with it, then we finally break apart. "So Carson was right, you still like me." Liam says smirking.

"Well now you know," I reply not knowing what to say, and adding a smile so it won't be awkward.

"So are you going to just carry your bags, or pack out some and then take what you need?" Liam asks, trying to hold back a smile, but failing. I smile when I see this happen.

"Well, I have 5 months worth of stuff in my bags, so I guess I can unpack a few things." I reply laughing a bit.

"Well I'll help then.." He laughs also.

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