Book 3: The Love of an Angel

Callie got another chance at life, but she's not alive, she's an angel. She was allowed to go back to to Earth and try to make Louis happy again. But he has to remember her on his own. She had to change her name and appearance, but she still has the same personality. Will Louis be able to remember Callie with just seeing her personality?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


1. Chapter 1

So, from now I will start a quiz. When you get the answer, you get a shout out. When the question is answered, a new one is made.

1. What music video did I get the cover picture from? {Hint: He made a few 1D songs} Good luck!

Thanks for reading! xx




We've been on tour for about two weeks now. I asked Isabella out yesterday, thank god she said yes. We call her Izzy now, Niall made that up. Right now we're on the tour bus, Izzy's sitting by the window staring out. I'm sitting next to Harry, who's on the computer. Niall is at the front of the bus eating, Zayn and Liam are next to him on their phone. "You guys wanna play a game?" Zayn suggest, breaking the silence that was filling the bus.

"Sure, what game?" Harry asks looking up.

"Truth or Dare!" Niall exclaims.

"I'm not playing," Liam says.

"Why, because of what happened last time?" I say chuckling.

"Yes, you guys make really gross dares." He says. Last time we made him lick the toilet seat. 

The boys and I gather around in the middle of the bus, and Liam goes on Harry's laptop. "Izzy, you wanna play?" Niall asks.

"Sure," She says moving from the window. She comes and takes a seat between me and Harry and then we start playing. 

"So, we can just ask random people. Who's going first?" I ask.

"Me!" Niall exclaims. "Harry, truth or dare?" 

"Dare," He replies.

"I dare you to prank call Carson and tell her one of us died." He says smirking. "And put the phone on speaker."

He takes his phone out of his pocket and rings Carson, after two rings she picks up.

C; Carson H; Harry N; Niall 

C; Hey Harry! About time you called, what's up?

H; Yeah, sorry about that. I called because something happened to Niall.

C; What happened to him?"

H; Well, we got a buffet and Niall over ate. He felt sick, and he was throwing up for two days straight. Then all of a sudden, he wasn't waking up. And when we took him to the hospital, he.. he died..

C; What!? Why did you let him eat that much!?

H; He's Niall, you know how he is.

C; Are you sure he's dead? Maybe he's just in a deep sleep..

H; We weren't allowed to go into his hospital room.

C; Aw, so what will happen now?

H; Haha, it was a dare.

N; Hey Carson!

C; Ugh! You guys suck! Don't play around like that, I swear, if you do it again I will shave your head!

H; It was Niall's dare!

C; And as for Niall, I'll hide all your food! And take your Nando's black card!

N; No need to go that far Carrie, jeez. I'm sorry.

C; You so cute when you beg.

N; I'm not begging!

C; That's the only time you would call me Carrie.

N; Grr..

H; Alright, bye, love you!

C; Bye, love you too!

"Okay, Izzy, truth or dare?" Harry asks.

"Uh.. truth." She replies.

"Who was your first favourite in the band?"

"Obviously Louis," 

"That's the truth?" He asks narrowing his eyes.


"I know who was her first favourite," I say.

"So it wasn't Louis!" Zayn exclaims. "Who was it?"

"You guys are pushy, it was Niall." She replies.

"Lie, Louis told you to say that." Niall says.

"No, I didn't!" I defend.

"No, that was actually true.." Izzy says. "But then, my best friend said he was her favourite, then when I started liking the band more, I changed it. Simple as that."

That's exactly what Callie's explanation was. It's surprising how alike she and Callie are. We continue to play Truth or Dare until Niall gets hungry. We ask Paul if he could drive us to a local Nando's, but apparently, there is none. Niall gets pissed. We just settle on some Popeye's Chicken. Paul drove us there, but there were too many people in the restaurant, so we couldn't go in. We went through the drive thru and ordered the things we wanted. Niall; half the menu. Harry; Chicken tenders with fries and a drink. I got the same as Harry. Zayn and Liam got a two piece chicken with fries and a drink. Izzy got a burger with a side of fries and a drink. 

We then drive slowly home, since there were no stupid camera people following us.

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