Everything You Do Is Magic! (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Taylor and i fell head over heels for Harry Styles. Through out this whole time we have been through thick and this whats it like to be his girlfriend read and youll find out!!


4. Will You Marry Me?!?

Taylors POV

Harry said he needed to talk to me I wasnt sure why but i needed to talk to him too. We walked into our room as we sat on the bed i just needed to get it out. "Harry I need to tell you something! Really badly!" I said as fast as I could. He looked into my eyes and he said "Go ahead love!" I looked down and frowned "Today while you guys were gone me and Niall kissed. I didnt mean for it to happen but it did im sorry!" I wanted to tell him the rest but i just couldnt. He looked at me and said "Its okay its just a kiss! But here I have a question for you!" He then got on one knee and proposed I said "YES!! A MILLION TIMES YES!" I ran out and showed everyone the ring. Niall looked so torn! I was so sad for him I just patted him on the back!

Nialls POV

Wow he actually did it I am so torn I cant belive he gets the girl every time. "I dont feel good." I tell Taylor as I walk into the kitchen. She walks in and i tell her "I dont want to talk to you!" She walks over and says "I am sorry but he is the love of my life!" I nearly break

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