Everything You Do Is Magic! (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Taylor and i fell head over heels for Harry Styles. Through out this whole time we have been through thick and this whats it like to be his girlfriend read and youll find out!!


12. this is what happens when you have feelers for another

Louis POV

I woke up and Katie was gone. "Katie!!!" I whispered but she didnt answer. I got up to search but by the time I got up to the kitchen Harry stopped me and said  "dude shes not here she went shopping with Taylor." I smiled and sat by Harry on the couch. He got up and said "Louis you know if you ever died I wouldnt be able to go on..." I stopped him and said "Harry you already told me that...." "I know but I mean I can't imagine my best friend dying....." I cut him off again and said "you know your fiance is suppose to be your best friend right?" He frowned and said "Yeah me and Taylor have been drifting apart lately.. and obviously no one can replace you..." I smiled and we hugged I felt tears fall but i just let them go i went to talk to harry again but his face was covered in tears. At that moment Katie and Taylor walked into the door. "Lou whats wrong?" Katie said running up to me. "Nothing babe dont worry im fine!" I hugged her but then i walked back to my bed and sat down on the edge "What am I going to do..... I miss her....." I said picking up my phone. 'text to eleanor: Do you know how much you ment to me you were my everything!!I miss you so much and i needed you but you couldnt  just feel the way i do why do you love niall and not me why do you want him so much more?' I walked back out to the living room and drifted to sleep and when i awoke i ran to my room and woke up Katie with a kiss. "honey its 3 am go to sleep!" she said rolling over i went to lay down but my phone vibrated and i checked to see who it was 'text from eleanor: Louis you were my everything to but the last few weeks of our relationship it felt like you didnt care i couldnt find the courage to tell you that i wasnt feeling the love i had when we first got together....' 'text to eleanor: well its okay i have Katie now and im happy so i just wanted to tel;l you how i felt...have a good nights sleep :) bye'


i know you guys dont like reading these but mine will be kinda short well i am katie as you cantell my fav is louis i am hapy that you guys are reading this please get your friends to read this and favorite it :) thanks

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