Everything You Do Is Magic! (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Taylor and i fell head over heels for Harry Styles. Through out this whole time we have been through thick and this whats it like to be his girlfriend read and youll find out!!


6. Telling everyone

Katie's POV
I went to Louis house because he texted me that he had a huge announcement I wonder what it is. I get there and knock on the door Louis comes and opens the door and invites me in. I walk in and give everyone hugs. I look at Taylor and say "what's the announcement?" All I see is Taylor bring up her left hand and see a 24karot ring on her ring finger all I say is "you and Harry are engaged?" She nods and we fan girl together. Louis says "I have to talk to you!" Then he pulls me into the other room. "Eleanor broke up with me today. I can't tell the boys can you?!?" I shake my head.

Louis POV
I hear the door shut and I know Katie is going to tell them what happened I haven't cried yet so I just let me tears stream down onto the bed I sit there until I'm all teared out. Harry runs into the room I block everything out except Harry. He hugs me and we don't say a word but I could tell what he was thinking why how when! I just said "it happened today I don't know why she just broke up with me over text!" I cried more but no tears came I was just sobbing. I ran to Katie and I hugged her I just wanted to never let go! "Will you stay here tonight?!? I need someone here who I can talk to!" I say to Katie. She says "you have Harry! But I will!" I smile all I need right now is a friend
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