Everything You Do Is Magic! (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Taylor and i fell head over heels for Harry Styles. Through out this whole time we have been through thick and this whats it like to be his girlfriend read and youll find out!!


10. Lou is where?

Taylor's POV
I stand there in amazement. Niall just literally told me he loves me but can I say it back I mean I do love him just not like a boyfriend type."I-I uhh I love you too Niall just not as a boyfriend type I love you because you are my best friend and you have to love your best friend!!" I said smiling at him. He looked at me and said "but why would you love Harry over me I am so much better than him!" I looked at him and then I saw Harry drop flowers and chocolates and Niall turned around and said"Harry I didn't mean it I swear I-I-I love you Harry!" Harry looked at him and just said " you're better than me huh?!? For her she loves you more doesn't she! Tell me she doesn't because it's a lie!" I looked at Harry as looked at me waiting for me to say that I love Niall more but I don't so I said "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES don't ever say that there is no way I could ever love Niall more then I love you!!!!!!!!!" I smiled and then took him into the other room and we sat there and talked for about an hour our conversation went like this: "you don't love me Taylor I know you don't you love Niall more then you could ever love me!" He said as a tear rolled down his cheek."how could I love Niall more if you are my Harry boo!" We both smiled and I started to kiss his lips, he kissed me back but I tried to sit back. I moved to the top of the bed and sat there biting my lip and Harry says "don't do that because it turns me on." I bite my lip harder until he pushed me up on his hips and said "did you hear me woman?!?" I shook my head while kissing him on the neck. He smiled and said"tonight you are lucky we have to leave tomorrow for the tour!" I sat up real fast and said "yeah the tour man, I gonna miss Katie and I bet Louis is to!" He then said "calm down you and Katie are coming we wouldn't leave you!" "Good because I would hate to spend more than a minute away from my honey!" I said to Harry as he started to walk out the room. "So now I'm going on tour with them yeah more time for Niall to hang out with me!" I said sacastically where no one could hear me. I walked out into the living room to see Harry in tears. "Harry what happened?" I said sounding very concerned. "Well Katie just told me Lou is in the hospital he had a stroke!" He said as tears streamed down his face. I felt years fall from my eyes as I thought that Lou was in the hospital.
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