Everything You Do Is Magic! (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

My name is Taylor and i fell head over heels for Harry Styles. Through out this whole time we have been through thick and this whats it like to be his girlfriend read and youll find out!!


2. He Loves Me?

Taylors POV

  I cant believe i just hugged Harry Styles! "Would you like to spend the night with One Direction love?" Harry asked me. I looked at him and saw his pretty green eyes staring into mine as i shook my head yes he smiled and took my hand. I went to Louis and Harrys flat with the other boys and we just hung out all night! They are all so sweet. Half way thru the night Harry brought me to the room i would be staying in for the night and he was showing me a picture on the wall it was of him and his mom he was saying "how I miss her while we go on tour!" Then he pulled onto the bed and softly kissed me. I asked him "Whats that for?" He looked at me and said"You know i love you! Like A LOT!" I smiled and said "Yes! I love you too!!" He looked deeper into my eyes and asked me in the cutest voice ever "Taylor will you go out with me??" I shook my head in a yes motion. We walked out of the room holding hands and Niall screamed "Yes FINALLY!" Harry came to my room at about 3 am and asked me "Are you awake love?" I said "Yes I am!" He walked up to my bed and said "May i Snuggle with you?" I shook my head in a yes motion. He snuggled up to me and i fell asleep in his arms.

Harrys POV

  I was trying to wake up Taylor when I felt something touch my lips, that something was Taylors lips. We kissed for about 10 seconds before we went to go get breakfast. "The boys and I have to go talk to Paul." I told her. She just smiled and said "Do what you have to." I smiled and went to wake up Niall but he wouldnt budge. "Niall is going to be here with you okay?!?" I said to Taylor. She smiled and we kissed. I walked out the door with the boys and we drove to Pauls.


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