A New Day

Zombies. The thing most people think were made up just to scare little kids. No one thought they would be real one day. Now they're scared just like those little kids. How do you survive? Who do trust? Can you even trust? ~ Here's the link to the original site I posted it on: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/289669/


8. Reminder

{If it's on this side, it's back with C-Clown}


Rome and T.K got back to camp. Kangjun brought the required medicine to Maru and stored the rest in a locked cabinet to be safe. Siwoo quickly noticed that Hana was missing.
"Where is she?" He wondered. "She isn't... dead, is she?"
"No, we just had a little run in with an old friend," Rome explained. "We needed to get back, so she took one for the team."
"What do you mean?"
"T.K killed Chen and Hana took the blame."
"You made her," T.K quipped.
"It was the only way we could've gotten out of there. If they saw us, they wouldn't have given us a chance," Rome said.
"Who was it? Other than Chen," Siwoo asked.
"Kai, Luhan and Sehun. I'm asuming the others are still alive, too," T.K answered.
"So, she went with them?"
"Yeah. They wanted her to. They thought she was all alone. A huge horde was coming. If she didn't go with them, we'd all be stuck there. Or dead," Rome stated.
"What are you going to tell Maru?"
T.K and Rome exhanged glances and shrugged their shoulders.
"He's going to flip once he finds out," Siwoo sighed.

The trip to where they were staying was taking longer than expected. I don't know how long it was, but it was long enough for me to start falling asleep. It was a challenge trying to keep my eyes open.
"If you're tired, go to sleep. We won't be there for a while," Sehun said. 
Oh, great. Just perfect. There's no way I could possibly remember the way back.
My eyes, being the traitors they are, closed and I fell asleep.
I jolted awake when we hit a bump in the road. The sun was setting and the sky was an orangy-pink color. Considering everything happened this morning, we must be several hours away from town. If I were to sneak out tonight, it would take a few days by walking. I probably wouldn't be able to survive that long on my own. I barely survived one day alone.
I snapped out of my thoughts and noticed we were in farm country. Some wheat fields were burned and so were the barns. There were a few Lurkers, too. They just watched us drive by with confused looks.
"You're awake," Kai said. He was the only other person awake. "We'll be there in a few minutes."
I looked back out the window and though about how Maru must've reacted when he found out I was gone.

"Can you tell Hana to come in here? I haven't seen her all day," Maru asked Kangjun while he was changing Maru's bandages.
"Uh, yeah. Sure," Kangjun replied nervously. Maru noticed, but he brushed it off.
Kangjun went outside to where the rest of the group was.
"Hey, Jun," Ray greeted. "What's wrong?"
"Maru wants to see Hana," Kangjun responded.
"What are we going to tell him?" T.K chimed in.
"We could just say she didn't make it," Siwoo suggested.
"But he doesn't know she even left," Kangjun said. "It would kill him if he thought she was dead, anyway."
"He does really care about her..." Ray noted. "We can't just come out and him. We have to ease him into it."Tell him that she went hunting with Rome. It'll give us time to find a way to explain why she left."
"Hana left?" The boys turned to see Maru stumbling out of the cabin.
"Go back inside. Your leg has to heal," Kangjun said, avoiding Maru's question.
"Where did she go?" Maru asked.
"She's out hunting with Rome," Ray answered.
Then Rome came. "I heard my name."
"Great timing," Siwoo said sarcastically.
"Stop lying to me. Tell me where Hana is," Maru demanded.
"I think it's better if we tell him now," Rome suggested.
"Yeah, probably. Promise you won't get mad?" T.K asked Maru, who nodded in agreement.
"Well, we brought Hana into town to get medicine for you," Rome said.
"Why did you do that!? I told her not to!" Maru yelled.
"She knew how to get into the pharmacy. It was the only way," T.K said, trying to calm Maru down.
"Then we ran into Chen and things got a little messy," Rome continued.
"Did she... die?"
"No, I'm sure she's fine," Ray answered.
"A few people from Chen's group came and they thought she was all alone, so they took her with them," T.K said. "If they didn't we'd all be dead."

"You have to get her back," Maru pleaded.
"It's too dangerous," Rome said. "Weren't you the one who told her not to get upset over things? You're basically being a hypocrite right now."
"I don't care! I know what I said, but I started to have feelings for her."
"You what? What did I tell you the day you joined our group?"
"To not get attached to anyone or anything. But with Hana, it's too hard. And haven't you noticed anything? None of us are fighting anymore since she came."
"He's right. She did bring us all closer together," Siwoo added.
"You're all so weak right now. Showing that you care for someone shows weakness. If you want to survive, just move on and forget about her," Rome ordered. He stormed out of the camp, probably to go kill random Lurkers.
Maru turned to the rest of the group. "I thought he changed... Please, we have to get her back."
"She must mean a lot to you, huh?" Kangjun noted.
"We'll bring her back," T.K assured.

We pulled up on a dirt road that lead to a large farm. It looked as if it hadn't been touched by the outside world. There were a few people in the fields tending to the dozens of cattle and chickens. I was amazed at how functional this place was.
We drove up a small hill that had a large house on top of it. I assumed they had power because of the numerous solar panels on the roof of the house. When the people in the fields saw us, they headed towards the house and went inside.
"You don't have to worry. The rest of our group has been through a lot. I doubt that they'll be angry with you," Luhan said groggily. I didn't notice that he had woken up, or the fact that my hands were trembling.
We pulled up in front of the house and Kai and Luhan were the first to go in. Sehun stayed behind with me.
"Hey, you'll be fine," Sehun assured. We entered the house and Kai and Luhan went into another room.
"We have a new person in our group," I heard Kai say.
"And before you wonder where he is, she accidentally killed Chen," Luhan added.
"It's a girl?" someone questioned.
"Her name is Hana. She's only fifteen and she was surviving on her own," Kai informed. "She's probably been through a lot."
"Haven't we all?" another voice said. "Where is she?"
Luhan came out of the room and over to me and Sehun. "Come on. They don't bite."
I rolled my eyes because all people seem to do anymore is bite. Sehun nudged me a bit so I would move. I did and we entered the room. There were eight other boys staring at me. They didn't seem to be angry or upset. They were just... calm.
"Guys, this is Hana. Hana, this is our group," Kai intoduced.
There was an awkward silence for a few seconds until someone spoke up.
"It's nice to know that there are other survivors out there," he smiled. "I'm Chanyeol."
"The 'happy virus'," Luhan said. "He somehow always finds a reason to be happy. Even when he sees someone get killed."
"It's better to accept what's going on and be happy that we're all alive," Chanyeol added.
"What's it like out there? I haven't left this area since it all started," the one with dark circles under his eyes wondered.
"Tao, come on. Don't ask her that. Who knows what she's been through," Kai scolded.
"No, it's okay," I said softly. "There isn't really much out there. It's not like movies where the Lurkers are everywhere. In some places there are, but mostly, they're scattered around. Everything is empty. Streets, stores and houses."
"How did you manage to survive for so long?" Tao asked.
"I was lucky." I smiled, remembering that I said the same thing to Maru.
The rest of the group introduced themselves. There was one person, Kris, who acted really cold towards me, like Rome.
Baekhyun brought me outside to work already. He explained how the chickens in the right coop provided the eggs and the ones in the left were for meat. He also said a quarter of the eggs get fertilized by the roosters so they would have more chickens.
"You must be wondering why Kris hasn't said anything to you," he said while we were gathering eggs. He right. I am. "He had a girlfriend who looked a lot like you. You must remind him of her. He loved her so much, but she didn't make it."
"Oh... Did you know her?"
"She was living with us. We all knew her. She was always happy, like Chanyeol. Maybe even more, if that's possible."
"Someone told me that if you get upset over someone being gone, you're risking your life. Does Kris know that?"
"We all do, but we're safe here. So far, none of us have been hurt or killed. Except Chen, of course," he answered. "I think this is enough for now. Let's get back to the house."


Finally a cure has been made. It's been only a few months, but it seemed like years. Luckily, my family didn't get sick, so there was no need to receive the cure. People were getting better, school was reopened and we were able to leave the house again. Unfortunately, many lives were lost and families were grieving. If the virus didn't kill them, this depression might.


Author' s notes;

If you don't know who Exo is, here's a picture:


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