A New Day

Zombies. The thing most people think were made up just to scare little kids. No one thought they would be real one day. Now they're scared just like those little kids. How do you survive? Who do trust? Can you even trust? ~ Here's the link to the original site I posted it on: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/289669/


2. Bitten


Jae slowly opened the front door. I gripped the axe tightly, causing my knuckles to turn white. We both took deep breaths and stepped outside. Out in the middle of the deserted street was one of them.

"Wait here," Jae ordered. I obeyed and watched as he snuck up behind it. He raised the crowbar he was carrying and lunged it into the Lurker's head. I call them Lurkers because the word 'zombie' doesn't seem right.

Jae repeatedly hit it on the head even though it was already down. The sound made me cringe. It sounded absolutely disgusting.

Jae turned back to me. Blood was splattered all over his white shirt. "Come on," he panted. "Let's go."

We made our way to the center of town. Luckily, we have only encountered one Lurker so far.

We were walking past the playground we used to go to before this whole pandemic broke out. The breezed pushed the swings, causing an eerie sqeaking noise. I could still see Minyoung playing like we used to. Her image had a faint glow around it. Her laughter was ghostly.

"Higher, Hana! Higher!" She squealed. I was standing behind her, pushing her on the swing. We're both so happy.

I felt my eyes filling with tears. I shook my head and the image of us disappeared.

We got to the small convenience store. Most of the supplies were already gone, but there was enough left to last us at least a week.

As we were walking down the street, I felt eyes on my back. I spun around quickly, but nothing was there. Jae was about thirty feet ahead of me, which I knew was a bad idea. I sped up to try and catch up with him. Before I could get back to him, a Lurker came out from behind a car and headed towards me. It was then that I noticed I had forgot my axe at the store.

"Jae..." I shouted.

He turned around and grabbed the crowbar out of his bag. He took out a knife and slightly cut his finger, letting blood drip out. "Hey!" He whistled. The Lurker turned to him. Jae held out his bleeding finger. "Is this what you want? Come on!"

Jae started backing up as it advanced toward him. A panicked look came over him as he tripped over a tire. He fell onto his back and the Lurker fell on top of him. Jae managed to prevent it from biting him by holding it up with the crowbar. I ran over and tried to pry it off of him. I was too weak to get it off, but I kept trying.

"Just go! I'll be fine! Get out of here!" He demanded.

"No! I'm not losing you too!" I protested. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried harder.

Then there was the sound of a skull cracking. I opened my eyes and saw a hatchet lodged in the Lurker's head. Jae pushed it off and looked as confused as I was. Who threw that? I looked up and saw a boy twenty feet away. He had a stone-cold expression on his face. He came over, pulled the hatchet out of its head, and walked away.

I pulled Jae up off of the ground. He sprained his ankle when he fell, so he had to lean on me for support as we walked home.

When we got back,  I sat him down. I went to get a bandage for his ankle, but he stopped me. "Hana..." he croaked. He pulled his shirt off his shoulder and then I saw. He was bitten. I dropped down to my knees and started crying. He reached into his bag and pulled out a pistol. "I want you to do it."

"I can't. I can't lose you!" I cried.

"Would you rather have me become one of them? It's for the best," he said and pushed the gun to me.

"I can't survive on my own. I need you, Jae."

"Do you remember that boy who saved us?"

"Y-yes, b-but-"

"When I'm gone, I want you to go out and find him. He seems strong enough to protect you."

"You're not leaving me! We could do something. I could go back to town and get medicine. We could-"

"Nothing is going to work. If it did, do you think we'd be in this mess?" He placed the gun in my hand. "This is the only way. I don't want to be a danger to you."

I accepted the reality and took the gun. "Won't they hear the shot?"

He handed me a pillow. "This will surpress the gun shot. Not by much, but just enough so they won't hear it."

I placed the pillow on the side of his head. "I love you Jae."

"I love you too." I raised the gun to the pillow with shaky hands. Slowly, I pulled the trigger. I let his limp body fall onto me. I cried myself to sleep with him in my arms.

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