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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


21. why did he have to


Taylor's POV



Alex is sitting beside me. I just can't keep Austin out of my mind. I love Alex...but I also love Austin.No matter how much I hate him, it's not enough to stop loving him. Why AUSTIN?! 



"Hey okay?" Alex asked. No.



"Yeah." I lied.



"No you're not. What is it?" Alex worried.



"I'm on know time of the month." I said. It wasn't a lie. I was.



"Oh okay, I understand." Alex smiles.






Austin's POV



The bell rang for Lunch. It's been agonizing. All I could think of was Taylor...why Alex?! Why did you have to take her away from me.


Every girl in my class keeps winking and flirting with me, but all I could see was Taylor. 


I got up from my seat and started walking to the cafeteria. I looked around for Taylor and Alex, but has no sight of them. I here that squeal again. It's Julia.


"Hey baby." She greeted.


"Julia. we need to talk." I told her.


"About what?" I asked.


"About us..." I told her.


"Look...l Julia ca-" I started.


"Look, Austin. If you break up with me. You're career will be in danger." She threatens me. Am I really willing to throw away everything just for a girl?

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