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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


22. u wanna know whats wrong


Austin's POV


I can't risk my career just for a girl...


"Nevermind then." I told Julia.


"You wanna go to lunch?" Julia smiled so innocently.


"Sure.." I trailed off.


Taylor's POV


"Hey babe, I'm gonna go get us some food." Alex said leaving me alone at the table. 


I'm so hungry. Suddenly, I hear some footsteps behind me. I turn around and see two girls. They were both pretty.


"Hey, I'm Lucy and this is Maryah." The short one introduced.


"Oh hey. I'm Ta-" I started.


"Taylor. We know, you're kinda the talk of the school. Julia, talks a heck a lot about you." The taller one, Maryah said.


"Oh. Would you girls like to sit down?" I asked them.


"We would, but look who's coming." said Lucy. Maryah pointed to forward. I turned and there they were, Austin and Julia. Why can't he just stop and leave me alone. I turned around and Lucy and Maryah were already gone. I got up and walked away.


Austin's POV


"What's wrong with her?" Julia asked. Taylor just walked out.


"I'll be back babe." I told her. I followed Taylor.


"Taylor!" I called on her. She stopped, not turning around to me.


"Taylor, talk to me." I told her. I grab a hold of her arm. She pulled away.


"Leave me alone, Austin." She told me.


"No! Not unless you tell me what's wrong!" I yelled.


"You wanna know what's wrong?! My feelings for you!" She said before running away. She..she still has feelings for me?

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