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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


9. the beach


Taylor's POV


Austin and I went to the beach. This time, nobody crowded on him. He were at the quite side of the beach. It was just me and him. 


"This is my hideout. I go here, because it's quite." Austin told me.


I look at him.


"Hide from what?" I asked him.


"Hide from the fans, the craziness, the drama." He replied. We sat down by the water. I didn't care if I got wet. It was a beach after all.


"Why?" I asked him.

"It doesn't feel normal. I just want some privacy, you know." He looks at to the ocean. I studied his face, his emotion was sad. 


"I guess I wouldn't understand." I said looking out.


We were silent for a minute. It was good to have a guy friend for once. Not too much drama with him.


"Where's your dad?" Austin asked.


"Oh...he's in the army. He's in Afghanistan." I replied. He turns to face me.


"Must be hard. You know, knowing he's in danger." He tells me.


"Yeah, I miss him. What about yours? I turn to him. His face fell. I shouldn't face asked.


"He's not with us anymore." He tells me looking down.


"I'm so sorry...I know he's proud at the man you're becoming." I smiled, placing my hand on his arm.


"Thanks." He looked up at me and smile.


Austin's POV


This is how I know she's the one.


Suddenly, someone's phone rings. It's not mine, it's probably Taylor's.


"Hey Mom, Yeah. Okay. We'll be there." She hung up.


"We have to go back." She informs me.


We stood up and shook the sand off of us and ran back to the car. 


Taylor's POV


I'm not falling in I?

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