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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


18. surpise for Taylor


Taylor's POV


I'm now at home. I've cried for 20 minutes now. Alex has been calling me and texting me but I kept on ignoring me. I don't want him to see me like this.


Then suddenly, I hear rocks hitting my window.  I turn and slowly walked towards the window and opened it. I looked down and see Alex.

"Hey babe. Are you ignoring me?" He asked. I smiled, he never fails to put a smile in my face.


"Kinda..I didn't want you to see me like this."I wiped my eyes. My make up was now gone.


"What the beautiful natural you?" He smiled. I smiled wider. 


"Come in." I invited him.  He runs to the front door.


Austin's POV


I'm am so stupid! I just hurt the only girl that mattered to me..again. What is the matter with me? I'm such a monster. My ego just takes over me. Ugh! I even hate myself. I should talk to Alex. I got out of my room and to the living room. 


"Hey Mom, where's AC?" I asked.


"Oh he's out to his girlfriend's house." She smiled.

"Do you know who she is?" I asked.


"Of course, isn't it obvious. It's Taylor. She's head over heels for him. And Alex is so happy." She cheered. I gave her a faked smile.


"Yeah great..." I trailed off. I ran back to my room. It's all my fault. I let her go....



Taylor's POV


"I love being with you,Alex." I smiled. As me and Alex ate chocolate covered strawberries. He brought them for me. Isn't he sweet. 


"Same here, babe." Alex smiled.


"So what happened?" He asks. I shouldn't tell him.


"First day of school was horrible. I don't ever wanna go back there." I squeezed his hand.


"Oh it'll get better love." He smiled. I turn to him and got caught in the moment. He leans forward and kisses me. It was magical. Better than the kiss I had with Chris.I pulled away and smiled.


"Well,love, I have to go to sleep. I'm tired. See you tomorrow?" I told him. He nodded and walked out of my room. but said goodnight before he went away.


He's amazing.


~Austin's POV


I here the front door open. It's Alex. I looked at the clock it's 11:11. I got up and walked out of my room. Alex was in the kitchen getting some milk.


"Why didn't you tell me you and Taylor are together?" I asked, forcing a smile to hide the pain.


Alex turns around. He has a milk-stache.


"I thought you'd be mad at me." He says.


"Nah bro. I'm happy for you." I forced a smile, lying and hiding the truth.


"Hey Austin, I wanna do something for Taylor. I'm going to school here." He smiled. What?!

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