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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


25. skype with one direction


Taylor's POV


"What?!?!" Austin sounded surprised. "Who's the guy that cheated on you? I mean other than Alex..."


"My ex...Chris."I said. I was still hurt from what had happened.


"How could they do this to you? You're the most amazing girl ever?!" He was practically gonna burst.


"So...who is she?" I asked him.


"Her name is Sarena. Alex's ex. Who also cheated on him...she came here for some weird reason.I'm so sorry."He apologized for Alex.


"It's okay. And Austin thanks. for everything." I smiled. I pulled him close and hugged him tight. He hugged me back.


"Do you wanna rest for a bit?" He asked me.


"I just wanna go back home. But I'll see you later." I smiled. I got up and walked back home. It was really sweet for Austin to rescue me. Pain and Madness were still circling my body.




I just got finished changing. I don't plan on getting out of this room. I've probably cried 3 tissue boxes out. I trusted him, I thought he wasn't the one to do those kinds of things.


Then suddenly, I heard a rare but familiar ring on my laptop. It was a Skype call and that ring is a special one. It can from my cousin, Harry. I ran to my laptop and accepted it. It was Niall.


"He-" He stopped as soon as the video got clearer."Who the hell did this to you, Taylor?!?!"


Niall and Harry we're the ones I was close to in their band. Niall was like a brother to me. A protective one. I haven't talked to them in a long while.


"It''s nothing." I lied. Then I see  Liam on the screen.


"Taylor? What happened?" Liam asked. You can NEVER lie to Liam.


"My boyfriend cheated on me." I sobbed. Niall spazzed out.


"What?! WHat's his address?! I'll send FBI on his ass." Niall said.


"Niall, calm down." Liam calmed Niall. Liam then looks at me, well in the webcam. "Looks like you and your cousin are going through the same thing."


They change position of the webcam to Harry lying there in the couch. I could see tissue boxes everywhere. Looks like he had been crying.He moves and wakes up from his sleep.


"What's going on?" He asked confused on the webcam that was pointed straight right at him.


"Hey Harold." I smiled.


"Oh hey babe. How ar- Have you been crying?!" He freaked.


"Some bastard cheated on her,mate." Niall said, angry.


"Actually...bastards." I said remembering not telling them about what Chris did.


"WHAT?!" Liam,Niall, and Harry said in unison.


"That is just not right...boys shouldn't be playing with our little Taylor's heart."Harry said.


"I'm no little. You're only 2 years older." I told him. Then suddenly my phone rings. It was a text from Austin.


"Hey open you're window." the text said.


I walk over to the window and slid it open. Pink and red balloons flew into my room. On the bottom on it was a note, flowers and chocolate.


"Who's that from?" I hear Niall ask.


"This boy." I smiled. I opened the note.


"Read it out loud." I heared Louis. He had just got there.


"Dear Katie, I hope you like chocolates. Feel better. I don't like seeing you cry and be all sad. Love, Austin." I read.

"Awwww." I heard Louis say.

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