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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


7. Mr. superstar


Taylor's POV


AUSTIN?!?!?! He's the big star?


"Taylor?" Austin ask, surprised.


"Austin?" I answered with a question.


"Seems like you both know each other." Michele says.


"Mom, they're our new neighbors." Austin smiled.


"Austin, so you're Mr.Popstar?" my mom asked, smiling. I just stood there in shock. How could I not know him? Well, I'm barely on my computer since I went out with, Chris.


"Oh well, nice to meet you neighbors." Michele hugged my mom and me.


"Nice to meet you too." my mom smiled. I had a feeling my mom and his mom are gonna be great friends.


"Hey Austin, since Taylor's new in town why don't you show her around?" Michele said. 


"You really do-" I started.


"That's a great idea." Austin interrupted. I looked at him. He looks at me smiling. I couldn't help but smile back. 


"Taylor, here's $100 so you can buy some new clothes." My mom slipped in. I smiled at her. I love my mom. And she knew I also hated people paying for stuff for me. 


"Thanks, mom." I kissed her in the cheek and walked out of the room. Austin followed me.


"So can you drive?" Austin asked, "Cause I can't."


"Yup." I smiled.


~in the car~


"So where do we go now?" I asked Austin.


"Let's go to downtown Miami."  He smiles. I drove to downtown Miami. Now, I'm not the best driver. We kinda swirved a lot. 


We finally got to downtown Miami. There were really awesome shops out here. I parked at the shade.


"Where do you wanna go?" I asked him.


"Wanna get some ice cream?" He answered. I looked at him, smiling like a little child. I love ice cream.


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