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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


6. meeting the client


Taylor's POV


We head out the door and into our car. We're on our way to meet my mom's client. I wonder if she's my age. Maybe we'd be best friends.


"Mom, how old is your client?" I asked my mom, who was driving.


"I don't know." She replied.


"Mom.." I trailed off.


-Meanwhile with Austin-


"Mom, when is she gonna get here?" I asked my mom.


"She'll be here soon, Austin. Did you meet the new neighbors yesterday?" She asked me.


"Yeah.." I trailed off.


Mom's assistant comes in.


"Hey June!" I waved hi. She's like my second mom.


"Austin, how are you doing today?" She smiled.


"Good. So what's up?" I asked her.


"You're mom needs to meet the publicist. She's here. And her daughter is too." June winks at me. She knew about my Mahomies. Maybe this girl is cute. Probably not as cute as Taylor.

"Stay here hun." My mom informs me. I nodded my head.


-Back to Taylor's POV-


We just got into the meeting building. Two ladies greeted us.


"Hi, I'm Sarah Styles. This is my daughter, Taylor." My mom introduced us.


"Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Michele Mahone and this is my assistant. June Smith. " The lady smiled. She was about probably the same age as my mom.


"So, where's your son?" My mom asked.


Son? I thought Michele was her client. It's probably her son. Maybe he'll be cute.


"Come with us, to the conference room." June led the way to a room. She opens the door. No way...

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