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Taylor moves Miami,Florida she has to leave everything that was her best friend, her boyfriend.


24. its not the first time


Taylor's POV

Yesterday was perfect. Except for what happened between me and Austin. I woke up to a beautiful day. School was cancelled because someone broke the pipes in class. 


I got changed for my daily jog I do every weekend, today is an exception.



I'm jogging around park. Maybe I've been too hard on Austin. I should probably talk to him and give him a chance to explain. I jogged to his house. I see two people in the corner of my eye. I turn my head and see Alex, making out with some strawberry blonde chick. I felt my heartbreak into tiny pieces. Tears ran down my face. Alex turned and saw me. He ran me.


"Taylor! I can expla-" Someone pushes him to the ground.


"Leave her alone!" I hear Austin yell. He went against his best friend...just for me. He picked me up and started walking away.


"Why?" I asked him.


"Because...I care about you." He says.


He does? 


"Uhm Austin where are we?" I asked him.


"My house...and in my secret closest space." He smiled. I look around the room. It was suprisingly big. Like that closest from Hannah Montana. I think this might be it. Except for the HUGE TV, the video games, and consoles. It even has the rotating clothes thingy.


"Woah. This is amazing." I said in aw.


"I got the idea from Hannah Montana." He chuckled.




"So..." Austin said.


"So." I looked away.


"Wh-who was that girl..he was with?" I asked fighting back the tears. Austin laid his hands on top of mine.


"Do you really wanna know?"He told me.


"'s not the first time I've been cheated on." I admitted. Austin looked at me.


"What?!" He asked, surprised.

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